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NGa Natural Tri-State
March 24 2018
Bloomfield NJ
Pete Diaz & Sam Kapoor
www njnationalgym com gardenstateclassic@yahoo com By Dr Lorraine Francis DePass
Spring-Summer 2018
As a a a a a a a competition judge I have have witnessed many competitors that have improved their bodies
over time by staying committed and actively working on on their fitness goals The Tri-State
in in Bloom- field NJ
the the first New Jersey show of of the the season was a a a a a prime example of of that In this this show Chris Livolsi was the leader in fin in in this this category His hard more defined and and increasing muscle separation allowed him to
take the the Overall and and win his NGA PRO Card status in in in both the the Men’s Men’s Physique and Men’s Men’s Bodybuilding Open categories Steve Mwafugua took 1st in in Classic Physique Open with Christ Livolsi who we give special notice to
and hope to
see in in in in in the future placing 2nd in in in in in this cat- egory as as well as as in in in in in Bodybuilding Novice Melissa Remoli another multi-divi- sional champ who admitted after the the show that she preferred Women’s Phy- sique but competed in the Figure divi- sion has also shown great improvements in fin definition and presentation from the last time she was on on on stage two years ago Her accomplishments granted her well- deserved efforts an an NGA PRO Card The competition in in Men’s Physique first-timers was intense and the gentle- men on stage got more than a a a a a a a a a a taste of what a a a a a a a a a a a a a a bodybuilding show is all about as as they were evaluated evaluated and reevaluated in in the the the comparison round In the the the end Steve Mwafuga came away with 1st place Later in in in in in in the show he he doubled his winnings by taking 1st place win win in in in in in in Classic Physique The NGA New Jersey season season is off to
a a a a a fantastic season season and some well-deserved congratulations goes to
every competi- tor who participated and and showed their extraordinary bodies
and and incredible sportsmanship on stage! We look forward to
another great show next year! n n n n n Melissa Remoli Figure Open NGA PRO Card Chris Livolsi Men’s Physique & BB Open NGA PRO Card NGA NATURALmag

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