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Spring-Summer 2018
Following My Own
Path to Fitness
Sometimes in in in life life we become bom- barded by the pressures to keep up with the going times This can mean
trying to to adapt to to the pace and lifestyle of others whose lives are remarkably different from our own Even in fitness the pressure to to develop our bodies to to match what we see on on television the movies and the internet from celebrities and other well-known people can cause us to feel less about who we are and may even prompt us to believe that we have to to take drastic measures to to mirror others as as closely as as possible In the gym this may be be witnessed by trying to to lift a a a a a heavier weight just because someone else was seen doing doing it or even to to over exercise a a a a a a a body part because we we believe by doing doing this we we can be be be or have what someone else does How- ever the the reality is that no two bodies are are alike and and the the the the failure to accept who and and where we are are in in the the the the present moment by imitating the the the the move- ments of others can can not only be be costly but also can can be quite dangerous When I I I first started working out I I I was determined that I I I I wanted to have a a a a a a a a a a six pack of of abs and legs made of steel I I I would see oth- ers who were more developed than I I I was yet I I I knew that they they had not recently given birth to a a a a a a a a a child at at 39 years of age nor did they they share my my same genetic disposition I went to my my personal trainer and and often complained whined and and almost cried about the big glob of of fat on on my my stomach and cellulite on on my my legs asking why it it wouldn’t go away But he he he assured me me that that if I continued to follow the plan that that he he he set for me me both nutritionally and in in in a a a a a a a a a personalized work- out out routine I was guaranteed to see results As time passed and I continued to to commit myself to to making improvements on on on my my my version of me me by following my my my individualized plan for nutrition and and exercise I I began to see the results that that that I I I I was working for and and that that that my trainer prom- ised In addition to this I I I I learned that that that that there were certain foods that that that I I I could not eat because they affected my body in in negative ways that that perhaps someone else could eat but would not have the the same impact I also came to the the realization that because of my naturally small build and ability to to to lean out more quickly than most people that I I knew I I had to to to commit to to to constantly building muscle in in in in more challenged areas so getting on on the the the stair stepper instead rather than the the the more popular treadmill selec- tion became a a a a a a a matter of necessity So six years and and thousands of stair steps later I I I have have fulfilled more than what I I I could have have envisioned Not only did I I I I I get the the body body that that I I I I I worked for I I I got the the body body that that is is uniquely mine by by following following my own path to fitness And you you can do the same by by following following yours n n n n n n Lameesa Muhammad PhD is is an an an an NGA PRO Figure Master competitor a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a personal trainer and and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a sponsored athlete at at at at Lean Styles Proactive Weight Loss and and and Fitness
Center in in in in in Cincinnati Ohio She She is is is the owner of of Flour Gurl Healthyer Treats & Delectables creator of of of of Sunday Body Blast and and and model for Natural Woman Magazine She She She is is is an an an an an educator social service professional and and co-author of of of of two publications She She is is currently working on on on on a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a publication publication which will highlight the unique plight of of of African American homeschoolers NGA NATURAL mag 11

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