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Fall 2018
maumee OH may 19 2018
Jontai mcQueen
Physique Open MW NGA PRO Card & Overall
Classic Physique Open Eric Landrum Ivol Caudill Jontai McQueen
The The The 13th Annual PRO/AM Toledo Toledo Glass Scepter was was was held a a a a a a a a a a a a a show the on
May 19th at at the Maumee Maumee Indoor Theater in Maumee Maumee Ohio which is is a a a Toledo suburb This extraordinary show was was sponsored by Bullfrog Nutrition The The competition was was stiff and there were a a a a a lot of great physiques that hit the the stage All of the competitors did a a a great job showed magnificent sportsmanship and were also very supportive of one another back stage The presentations were very well displayed and the the the crowd was responsive to to the the the competitors as as they show- cased the the results of of all of of their hard work Jabari Hardiman
BB Open MW NGA PRO Card & Overall
NGA 13th Annual PRO/ 

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