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Fall 2018 Fall 2018 NGa Promoter: Warren I Egebo
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men’s BB Open
L-R: Dan Aleksa (NGA PRO Card & Overall) Antonio Borriello Jacque Whambusch Keith Green Jane morales
Figure Open
Short NGA PRO Card & Overall from from the 2017 show NGA PRO Bodybuilder Mike Ennis from from Easton Maryland moved up to to 1st place place The 2nd place place place winner in in this same class was Umar Jones of Norristown who also won cash awards as as as as as the the 1st place place winner in in in the the PRO Classic Physique division NGA Mr Coal Natural of of 2017 Chris Reed of of Pine Grove PA who trains at at at home captured 3rd place in in in in his first PRO outing Last year’s NGA Mr Natural Philly Carl Wittig came came in in in in at at the the 4th place spot in in in in the the PRO Bodybuild- ing division and and Chris Livolsi of Long Island NY came came in in in fifth The PRO Men’s Physique class class was perhaps the the most hotly contested class class in in in the the show with seven PROS battling it it it it out for 1st place but it it it it was Dmitri McKamey who won the the PRO PRO Men’s Physique class for for the the the the third time Peter Boulerjeris of Push U Gym was the the the runner-up and pushed him hard for the the the win Best poser was Lisa Marquez Marquez who dedicated her her routine to her her late husband’s memory David Marquez Marquez who was an an NGA PRO Bodybuilder at at at the time of his death Trophy presenters were Miss Miss Liberty Liberty Bell Bell Kayla Myers and and Miss Miss Liberty Liberty Bell Bell Outstanding Teen Benet
Johnson Benet
sang the the the national anthem to begin the the the show The NGA Spirit of of Natural Philly Award was given posthumously to Giacomo Giacomo Sparacio of of Blue Bell PA Giacomo Giacomo had helped many times at the shows promoted by Pump Promotions and was was planning to compete at this show until he was was killed in in in a a a a a a a a a a a car acci- dent in in December of 2017 Giacomo’s family accepted the trophy onstage on on his behalf Sponsors of of the show were Champ’s Nutrition on on on Grant Avenue in in in Philly Beach Bum Tanz of of of Warminster and Gallina Farms of of Alburtis PA The Most Represen- tative Gym Gym award was a a a a a a a a a a a a a a tie with Christian Street YMCA of of South Philadelphia and Push U Gym Gym of of Philadel- phia phia taking the honors The emcee was Steve Peacock This was a a a a a a a a spectacular show and we look forward to to seeing another great round of competitors next year!! n n NGA NATURALmag NGA NATURALmag 9
and Ms Natural Philadelphia and Figure Championships 

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