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Fall 2018
There is not one single process in in our bodies that could take place without water because every cell is regulated monitored and depen- dent upon an an an efficient flow of it it Water regu- lates our body temperature and and blood circula- tion carries nutrients and and and oxygen to to the the cells removes toxins and and and other waste products from our cells and and and bloodstream aids in in the the diges- tion tion and and and and absorption of foods helps to to convert food food into energy and and and and protects and and and and cushions our joints and and and vital organs including the spine The adult human body is between 55% and 75% water Water makes up 85-95% of of of our our our brain tissue almost 90% of of of of our our our our lungs 82-83% of of of of our our our our blood and 75% of of of of our our our our muscles Roughly two- third’s of of our our body weight is is water Considering these data and and figures it is is easy to to understand why experts rank water second only to to oxygen in its importance for for life While we we can survive for for more than a a a a a a a a a month without without food we we will die within a a a a a a a a a a a a a a few days without without water! Many health and fitness enthusiasts are are already aware of how important fit it it it is to drink ample quantities
of of water water However it it it may be a a a a a a a a a a a matter of of spe- cial interest to learn more about water’s role in in in body-fat loss and in in in the reduction of cellulite First water acts as as a a a a a a a a a a a natural appetite sup- pressant and drinking a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a glass or or two twenty minutes before a a a a a a a a a a meal may help you to avoid overeating More importantly not drinking enough water negatively affects our body’s abil- ity to to to metabolize fat Our kidneys depend on plenty of fresh water to to to enable them to to to effec- tively eliminate wastes such as as as as uric acid acid urea and lactic acid acid as as as as these forms of waste waste must
be dissolved in in water water If the the the kidneys are insuf- ficiently supplied with water water the the the liver must
step in in to perform some some of of the the the kidney’s kidney’s tasks How- ever being occupied with some some of of the the the kidney’s kidney’s work the the liver cannot perform its own tasks one of which includes metabolizing stored fats into usable energy as as efficiently as as it should As a a a a a a a a result fat remains stored on our body instead of being used up for energy Obviously a a a a a a a a decrease in in in in in in in water intake will eventually lead to an an increase increase in in in in in in in fat fat deposits deposits while an an increase increase in in in in in in in water intake will help reduce fat fat deposits deposits Secondly increasing water consumption
will also positively affect the the appearance of women’s cellulite in the the the buttock and and thigh areas much more than the the thousands of cosmetic creams potions and and pills that have flooded the the the market over the years The common culprits which cause cellulite such as a a a a a a a a diet high in in hid- den fats and salt (sodium-chloride) combined with insufficient water consumption
can can be significantly improved by merely drinking more pure water The reason which is is easy to com- prehend is is is that when we don’t drink enough water our body perceives this as a a a a a a a a a threat to to to its survival and begins to to to store it it particularly
in in in the the extra-cellular tissues underneath the the skin Unfortunately water retention is is one of the the major contributors to to cellulite problems as retaining water inhibits the the the the body from flushing the the the system of of of toxins leading to to the the the formation of of of cellulite Drinking plenty of of of pure water through- out the the day fixes this problem fast as as as our body will release the the the redundant stored water water drinking copious amounts of water water water makes the the body realize that retaining water water is no longer required due to the continuous plentiful sup- ply The habit of of drinking adequate amounts of of water also helps to flush out excess salt from our our system eliminating another major cause of of water retention and thus helps our our body to to return to to normal much quicker Getting rid of of excessive water will not only result in in significant improvement of cellulite but it it may also lead to significant weight loss If you are serious about becoming leaner and healthier drinking suffi- cient amounts of water routinely is an an an absolute must
Finally it may be interesting for you to know that drinking at at at least eight glasses of of water daily decreases the risk of of of colon cancer by 45% Drinking an an an an adequate amount of of of water can can can also reduce the the risk risk of of of bladder cancer cancer (by 50%) may decrease the the risk risk of of breast cancer cancer protects you you from heart attacks and even helps to to keep your immune system to to function at at at its best Drinking the proper amount of water every day can also improve improve your your your general outlook on on life enhance your your your abilities on on the the job and even improve improve your your your performance levels in in the the gym So what do do you you you do next? Drink more water n n n n n NGA NATURALmag

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