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Fall 2018 Fall 2018 Birmingham aL June 30 2018 PRO BB masters
L-R: Nathan Eaton Paul Redmer Darryl Lee (1st Place) Gary Henton David Weinstock
Thirty-five outstanding men men and and and and women came from Georgia Florida Tennessee Mississippi Kentucky Ohio Texas and Alabama to vie for
Sculptured Award Medallions and NGA PRO Cards at at the 2018 NGA 11th Annual ‘Old Navy’ Natural Bodybuilding Figure Physique and Bikini Classic - Super PRO qualifier and the NGA 6th Annual ‘Old Navy’ Natural Master PRO Bodybuilding Classic in in Trussville (Birmingham) Alabama The athletes were pleased as as we we moved our show from being hosted in in Homewood to the new and spectacular venue Trussville Civic Center This relo- cation beamed with its great stage sound system and dramatic lighting Also added to the the ambience was the the pump-up area back-stage refreshments and 2018 NGA “Old Navy” Classic sports bags with the the official 2018 NGA show t-shirt and goodies given to to all the the competitors The contest started on on time and ran smoothly It was a a a a a a a a a a “competitor’s show ” run by competitors who know what athletes want and need Many of the competitors were repeat contestants from last year year who said they would like to to come back next year year for
the the the the NGA 12th Annual ‘Old Navy’ Natural PRO/ AM Classic on on June 29 2019 Others said they would encourage their competitor friends to to join them on on stage at the the the next next show show As always it it was a a a a a a a a a fun show show and next next year will be be even better In addition to the NGA ‘Old Navy’ Open amateur show five PRO PRO PRO Master Master Bodybuilders Bodybuilders three PRO PRO PRO Grand Master Master Master Bodybuilders Bodybuilders two two PRO PRO PRO PRO PRO Figure Mas- ter ter ter two two PRO PRO PRO Bikini and and three PRO PRO PRO Master Master Physique athletes were on stage to compete in in in the NGA ‘Old Navy’ Natural PRO Bodybuilding Master and men’s BB Open L-R: Scott Hults (Promoter) Luke Murphy (LW) Terry James (MW) Kevin Taylor (LHW) Jayvan Cobb (HW) Mike Jackson
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