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Fall 2018
TheNationalGymassociation Inc PO Box 970579 Coconut Creek FL 33097-0579 954-344-8410 nga@nationalgym com www nationalgym com PUBLISHER & EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
Francine Bostinto
Andrew Bostinto
Lana B B Callahan BFA
Lameesa Muhammad PhD Terri Whitsel
Roger Lister Kevin Tobey Jim Wilmer
Chad Adamovich CSCS
Mike Ashley
Johnny “The Motivator” Carrero Warren I Egebo
Matt Estock
Laura Gray
Marion Hall
Mike Hamill
David Hood
Scott “Old Navy” Hults
Parmjit Kaur
Dr Christoph Klueppel
Dr Nicholas M Licameli PT
DPT Courtney & Cody Mighell
Josh Miller BS NSCA CPT
Bill Mora
Lameesa Muhammad PhD Peter N N Nielsen
P4P Muscle LLC
Rick Pierre
Ryan Rollison
Bing Saez
Earl “The Pearl” Snyder
Shiloe Steinmetz
Titan Classic Promotions LLC
Wendy Webberly
Letter from the Editor
Happy 2nd Birthday to
the NGA NATURALmag! As we begin our 3rd year with FREE readership to
our our digital magazine the NGA would like to
thank our our adver- tisers athletes and promoters for making this publication possible This maga- zine has added to
the many benefits that we offer to
our amateur and profes- sional athletes With the 2nd year of of publication of of our online magazine behind us we we are are confident that we we are are providing a a a a a a a a great perk for our organization and readership This November will mark the the 38th year since Andrew Bostinto
founded the the NGA which has come
a a a a a long way since 1979 We are continuing to
grow and build upon our our foundation to
meet the needs and and wants of our our athletes and and promoters In this issue there are three inspiring and educational articles about just a a a a a a a few of of our our natural athletes We are happy to
introduce Mike Ashley
as one of of our our new contributing writers who competed in in in the the NGA in in in the the early 1980s and later in the IFBB as a a a a a a lifetime natural bodybuilder Also this month we have several nutritional articles that include important information on on on water salt and how to
improve your overall health through nutrition Be sure to
check out our our 2018
Athletes of the Month on on page 41 and vote for your favorite(s) NGA PRO Athlete Athlete at: https://bit ly/NGA_2018_Athlete_of_the_Month
With the the 2018
NGA bodybuilding competition coming to
an end within the the next two months we will be working diligently to
bring you our first issue of 2019 Be sure to
check out our 2019 schedules that have expanded with new promoters and shows shows This is is just the beginning as more new shows shows are sure to
be be added in in in the following months With that being said I’d like to
wish you all a a a a a Happy Healthy & Safe Holiday Season As always I I hope you you enjoy this issue of NGA NATURALmag If you you have any story ideas comments questions or or feedback send them to: nga@nationalgym com or give us a a a a a call Your voice counts!!!
“NGA the oldest natural and most reputable bodybuilding organization established in 1979” - Andrew Bostinto
President & Founder The National Gym Association Inc Francine Bostinto
NGA Vice President NGA NATURALmag www nganaturalmag com is is published 3 3 3 times a a a a a a a a a year by Precious Words DBA Parkland FL 33067 Reproduction of editorial or or or pictorial content in any manner is prohibited Copyright©2018 NGA NATURALmag All rights reserved Disclaimer: Reader discretion is is is is is advised Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise or or diet program or when making changes in in in an an an existing program if you you have any doubts about your health status NGA NATURALmag accepts no liability expressed or or or implied for any products or or or programs contained within 4 NGA NATURALmag 

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