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Winter 2019
NGa Promoter: Ronnie Kirby www bodysculptorsllc com ronniekirby@bodysculptorsllc com Classic Physique Open
L-R: Alex Walker Ronnie Kirby Kris Thorpe
and what a a a a a a a a win it was because he recently had a a a a a a a a hip replacement only six months prior After a a a a a short intermission it it was time for the Open
classes which which started out with Classic Physique These competitors were all well-conditioned which which made the competition stiff in in this class In 1st place place it it it it was was Kris- topher Thorpe
the the 2nd place place place winner winner was was was Alex Walker and the the 3rd place place winner winner winner was was was Benjamin Blake The Men’s Men’s Physique Overall Overall winner winner was was was Kristopher Thorpe
and Men’s Men’s Bodybuilding Overall Overall was was won by Pierce Bruner The Bikini Open
classes were next with the short class class class winner as as as as as Jennifer Jennifer Bettencourt and tall class class class win- ner ner was Monique Lamb who edged out Jennifer Jennifer in in in the Overall The Figure Open
classes were were also impressive because all of the the ladies were were in in in phenomenal shape Christine Rudder came out as as as the the the short class class winner while Melissa Williams won the the tall class class After going at NGA NATURALmag
Figure Open
Christine Rudder NGA PRO Card & Overall it it it pose pose for pose pose Christine walked away with the Overall title Finally the the show was complete with the the Mr and Ms Bodysculptor competitions The winners for both were Alex Walker and Christine Rudder Each winner winner took home the the Bodysculptor customized trophy gift cards shirts and a a a a a a a a a protein prize pack At the the end of this spec- tacular night seven NGA PRO Cards were awarded Thank you is extended to to all all the the the the sponsors for their support and to to to all all all the the the the the judges who have one of the the the the the most difficult jobs Also thank you to to all all the the the the behind- the-scenes support personnel that made this a a a a a a a smooth and enjoyable show-we love you And last but not least a a a a a a a a a a special gratitude is given to all the athletes whose participation and support made this show possible!
We’re looking forward to a a a a bigger and better show this year on July 27 2019

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