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Winter 2019
IStaying PoSitive through the the the the the Struggle
n n n n n n any new endeavor the starting perception
is is generally that the the sky is is the the limit and great accomplishments lie ahead In the world of body- building it is no different Interest to compete typically begins when a a a fellow gym member makes a a a a a comment like “you have have great potential have have you ever thought of competing?”When this hap- pens your head explodes with pride and visions of you you holding an Overall NGA trophy invades your thoughts However somewhere between this state- ment and and the stage your motivation pride and and visions of winning fade as reality sets in in in that it’s not as as as easy as as as it seems There are several things things to to keep in in in in in mind before you get to to the the stage that may help things things stay in in in in in in perspective which are the the following:
• Always remember that the decision to compete should be be based on on on showcasing your body transformation to to to others rather than to to to gain notoriety and glory • If you you are are a a a a a a a novice competitor hours of cardio and an an unmoving scale are are in in your future so
embrace it • Steer clear of magazines and social media for comparison pictures because this will help you keep discouraging thoughts at bay • Do your research Learn as as much as as you you can
about meal prep posing and any other impor- tant aspect that will help you to be properly prepared • Invest in a a a a a coach if you you have the the money This will help you you you understand the the importance of body symmetry conditioning and and how you you will will be judged which is based on on on on the the the opinions of others who are veterans to the the the sport • Never forget that the journey is is what counts The amount of commitment you you apply is is is key so
learning from your accomplishments and mistakes is is is a a a a a a a a process that will last a a a a a a a a lifetime • Use the the the critique of the the the judges to make improve- ments for the the the future The struggle struggle is what will will define you you and you you will will struggle struggle with everything from the diet to pushing through hours of cardio and much more but it’s worth it! In the the end there is no better way to find out who you you are are personally and and drive yourself when others are are not looking so
be positive dig deep and and and don’t quit! Lean on on your family and and and and friends to sup- port you you you you and and and and the commitment that you you you you made made and and and and soon you you you will look back and and and and say “I made made it it through and and smashed the struggle!” n n n n NGA NATURALmag

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