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Winter 2019
State Show”
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PRO Bikini Open
& Masters Myla Bseirani 2nd Place Shkeera Campbell 1st Place customized Barbell Lee Meyers took the 2nd place position and also also snagged his NGA PRO Card
in Classic Physique It is is is also also important to note that this will will be be the the last year in in which two NGA PRO Cards will will be be awarded in in Classic Classic Physique Physique as as as as there is is now a a a a a a a a a huge pool of NGA Classic Classic Physique Physique PROS to make the the competition fierce Leading the the Women’s Physique class was was Deb Henry In Men’s Bodybuild- ing the the Lightweight winner was was Kyle Frantz the the Middleweight 1st place position went to Stephon Sander the the Light Heavyweight Heavyweight winner was Kyle Ore- sick and and the the Heavyweight Heavyweight gold went to to Lee Meyers The NGA PRO Card
& Overall
winner was awarded to to Kyle Oresick The Transformation class which was was started by the NGA East Coast Natural was was inspiring once again The transformation journey stories were read aloud to to the the audience and each athlete came on on on stage individually showing their larger than life
“before” picture on on on on the the the big screen in in in in comparison
to their current body as as as presented on on on on on stage in in in this competition The Transformation class was incred- ible with Deb Henry taking the the 1st place position for for for the the the most inspiring transformation Warren Danner and and Stephon Sander shared their incredible stories Figure Open
& Masters Tina MIller
with the audience as well A A A A special thank you to to all of the the NGA NGA Athletes for choosing to to to compete at at at the the the NGA NGA Penn State show which is is organized in in such a a a a a a a a way to to ensure that the the experience is is both positive and and memorable Also thank you to all of the the staff staff judges DJ and and the the Mt Nittany Middle School staff staff whose help is invalu- able A A huge thank you also goes out to AST Sports Science and Envision Envision Metalworks Metalworks Inc Envision Envision Metalworks Metalworks specially crafted the custom one-of-a- kind Overall
barbell award Thank you to to Sir Charles Venturella for for doing an an an an amazing job on all all of of the the awards and and and swords Tim Pitts of of PJ Harrigans for for the the the after party and and and Tolly Sunderland from the the Super 8 Hotel for for providing exceptional customer service and for for the incredible upgrades!
We are looking forward to our shows in in in 2019
starting with the the April 27th “Woodlands Show”
the the NGA North American Championships & Ed Cole Pro Classic in Wilkes-Barre PA which will follow a a a a a a a a “straight through” format and the September 21st “Penn State Show”
NGA East Coast Natural PRO/AM
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