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Winter 2019
NGA NGA 2nd Annual Thunder Classic
Deland FL NGA Promoter: Tracy Simonds September 15 2018 www ngathunderclassic com
L-R: Sally Reyes (Test (Test Judge) Judge) Kevin Cui Heavenly Figuredo (Test (Test (Test Judge) Judge) Judge) Christine Keefer LaDarrius Sanders (Test (Test Judge) Judge) Judge) Dave Bogan (Head Judge) Judge) Judge) Tracy Simonds (Promoter) Joy Smith Kiersten Ciffelli (Test Judge) Judge) Maggie Carbone Rick Pierre Mike Kocsis
Backstage Fun
L-R: Kimberly Hatfield Christine Fabroa Molly Richardson
Bikini Open Short
L-R: Eva Cooper (4th) Holli Duncan (2nd) Lauren Hunter (1st) Kaylie Van Aalst (3rd) Lara Buck (5th)
tracysimonds7@gmail com
The NGA 2nd Annual Thunder Classic
is is in the books! This fierce competition was held at Deland High School on Saturday September 15th and it proved to
be an an epic event! There were 19
divisions and these ladies really showed up to
battle it out for the top spots This smoothly ran event was an an all-around great time for the competitors staff and audience Allison Walker Torres who was gracious enough to
join us us for the the evening portion of the the show did an amazing job emceeing with Derek Simonds The following are a a few quotes from our social media pages about what people are saying:
“Great show! When God is is first all things are possible ”
- Christine Keefer (Judge and Guest Poser)
“a special thank you you from me me for all the awesome judges! The feedback and individual care you you expressed was helpful!” - Lara Buck (competitor)
“Great athletes great great people great great energy Honored to
be part of this special day Pure class and quality ”
- Joy Smith (Judge)
“One of of the the most organized shows that I have had the the honor to
be a a a a a a part of! “ “ - Sally Reyes (Test Judge) “I enjoyed everything about your show ”
- Jessica Cruz (competitor)
“Everyone involved did a a a great job Very organized!”
- Kevin Dubree (competitor)
“I had a a a a a a a a a blast and 100% will be at the the next show You did an an an an amazing job putting it together answering ques- tions and and making the the entire experience enjoyable ”
- Alexandra Roebuck (competitor)
Thank you to
all who came out to
support this dynamic event as it it couldn’t be done without you and we look forward to
your participation at at the next show which will be held on the 2019
Labor Day Weekend! n n n NGA NATURALmag 21

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