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Winter 2019
NGa Promoter: Johnny “The Motivator” Carrero
www fitnessinmind com fitnessinmindmotivator@gmail com PRO BB Open
Lorenzo Elder
2x PRO NGA Mr Oympian
Physique Open
L-R: Robert McCauley Dennis Peanganiban Jeffery Morgan Shaun Hayes Hugo Estrada
competitor Jeff Jeff Morgan who took the spot and earned an an an NGA PRO Card
Jeff Jeff was most definitely ready for this competition with his his great conditioning and symmetry In the the Figure Open
division 6th place was Kather- ine Lowry 5th Jalicia McKnight 4th Frauka Kozar 3rd Lourdes Giovannini 2nd Kelly Glynn and the NGA PRO Card
went to to Yemia Hashimoto In the the the Men’s BB Open
division the the the competition was stacked and tough Chris Sanford
took the the the the 6th place place win win with Robert McCauley following in in in in in the the 5th place place spot Landing in in in in in in in 4th was a a a a a a a a a a well improved Richard Haynes with only one point separating between the the 2nd and 3rd 3rd place place spots Ian Angelo brought brought a a a a a a a a a a a a ripped package taking the the 3rd 3rd place place win but Shaun Hayes brought brought a a a a a a a a a a a a a little bit more muscle and snatched the the 2nd place spot However it it it it was Sancho Poon who showed up with the the full package of shreds muscle and and stage presence to receive a a a a a a a a a well-earned NGA PRO Card
and and 1st place win!
In In the the the 2nd NGA PRO PRO PRO Olympian
the the the Ms PRO PRO PRO Figure Olympian
was was Sarah Kelly In In the the the PRO PRO PRO Physique divi- sion it was was was Silas Hopkins taking 2nd place place to to a a a a a a a a a a a a a leaner Wayne Squires who took the the 1st place place spot This was was the the NGA’s first PRO Classic Physique division and it it did not disappoint Shaun Hayes with his fun style of pos- ing ing ing took 2nd place but Lorenzo Elder
stole the show with his amazing conditioning and physique The NGA PRO Bikini division was a a a a a a a a a very competi- tive one with Fatima Machado taking 4th place place and and Courtny Valenzuela landing in in in in in at at 3rd place place place The 2nd place place win went went to to Alona Zaharkina and and and the the Ms NGA Bikini Olympian
went went to to to the the the beauty and and poise of Hannah Covington In the the the Mr NGA Natural Olym- pian
there were three very tight competitors and the the the shredded David Reta took the the the 3rd place place position The 2nd place place spot went to to Eric McKnight but no one could take down the the shape and conditioning of Lorenzo Elder
who became the the 2x NGA Mr Natural Olympian! Congratulations to to all our athletes and we look forward to to seeing you on on on stage in in 2019! n n n n n n n OlympianPRO/AM

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