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Winter 2019
Folsom Ca September 22 2018
PRO Bikini Open
Hannah Covington 2x NGA PRO Ms Olympian
Bikini Open
Gillian Young NGA PRO Card
BB Open
L-R: Robert McCauley Shaun Hayes Sancho Poon (NGA PRO Card) Ian Angelo Richard Haynes Chris Sanford
The NGA Natural Olympian
began with the the the the amateur competitors who showcased an out- standing display of the the hard work they put in in outstanding Rick Haynes who took the top spot for Masters In In the the Bikini Open
division these ladies knew how how to bring it! In In 5th place was first-timer Naima Ahmad who showed great potential Coming in in in at at 3rd and and 4th place place respectively was Kelly Glynn and and Samantha Gerber Angel Rader took the the the 2nd place place finish but it it was the the the beauty and poise of the the the NGA PRO Card
winner Gillian Young with her her symme- try and V-taper that gave her her the 1st place win win In Men’s Physique Open
when those competi- tors walked on the the the the the stage the the the the the judges knew they had their work cut out for them In 5th place was was the the the muscular Robert McCauley The final 4 4 was was so close that it had to be be broken down In 4th place was a a a a a a a a a a a very symmetrical Hugo Estrada
This kid has so much potential! The 3rd place win went to Den- nis Panganiban who had a a a a a a a a a a a a a a full package and was was a a a a a a a a a a a a a a force to be reckoned with In 2nd place was was the much-improved Shaun Hayes who keeps getting better with each competition but it it it was vegan
In the Bikini Masters 40+ division Samantha Ger- ber entered the stage with high energy but could not defeat the grace and fluency of Angel Rader In the the Figure Masters 40-49 division Katherine Lowry with an inspiring story took 2nd place to to to Yemia Hashimoto The women in the Figure Masters 50+ division proved that you can look great at at at any age if you you take care of yourself Frauka Kozar landed
in the 2nd place position while Lourdes Giovan- nini captured the top spot with her well improved physique from her last competition In the the Bodybuilding Masters division Chris Sanford
came in in in at 2nd place right behind the the NGANatural 

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