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Winter 2019
in in my first first bikini competition On July 28 2018 I stepped on on stage for the first first time and ended up winning my my NGA PRO Card in in in in in Bikini Open! I com- peted in in in in in in in my my my second competition on on on on October 27 2018 and won my my NGA NGA PRO Card in in in Bikini Model Open My 3rd competition was the NGA NGA Universe on on on November 10 2018 - - exactly 1 1 1 year after mak- ing ing ing the the decision to hire a a a a a a a a a a coach and start training I ended up placing 2nd in in in in in in the the the PRO PRO Bikini Open divi- sion at the the NGA PRO PRO Universe I I I I can honestly say that for the the first time in in in my life I I I I am happy with the the the body I’m living in in in I I I I thank God that that we we we have have the the ability to to to transform our bod- ies into what we we we want and and that that we we we don’t have have to to to remain stuck and and and unhappy with our current situa- tion It’s not easy and and and it it it it it requires a a a a a a a a a a a lot of discipline and and accountability to transform your body but it it it is is possible! I hope my transformation is is a a a a a a a living testi- mony to what the human body is is capable of I I I believe that that I I I had to battle for years with my weight and overall health so that that I I I could fully help others who have been stuck in fin a a a a a a a a a similar way My biggest piece of advice is is to to find help I would not have been able able to to make this transformation with- out others holding me accountable for for the the changes I had to make The knowledge I had was not enough for me to succeed on on my own So if you you have health prob- lems that won’t go away or or you’ve been struggling to have a a a a a a a a a body you’re you’re happy with with or or you’re you’re feeling hopeless with with your your current situation please reach out to to me me and let me me help you you you on on your your journey to to improved health n n 38 NGA NATURALmag
NGa PRO PRO Universe Championships
NGA PRO PRO Bikini Open - 2nd Place

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