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Winter 2019
The The changing seasons can can wreak havoc on your workout routine The The milder weather draws us outside for walks biking or running but that can be inter- rupted by a a a rainy day The heat can seem insurmountable making
it harder to get started or surprisingly chilly -- so so try having some alternative options in in in in in in in mind mind Keep these basic ideas in in in in in in in mind mind when designing your fit- ness routine OWN YOUR GOaLS: Allow your goals to change as you you progress Break them down into smaller goalposts Use the the the SMART method:
Make them Specific (what and and how) Measurable Achievable Realistic and and Timely (set an an an achiev- able able date!) CONSIDER THE THE WEaTHER: Wear UV-protec- tive sunglasses and a a a a a a a a a hat when it's sunny Dress in light colors to to reflect the the sun' rays Take a a a a a a a a a a a water bottle If heat or or or or or stormy weather cancels your your outdoor workout try interval walking at at at at the mall On hot days head to your your local com- munity pool and swim some laps! Remember this time time of year the the weather changes daily sometimes hourly! So be prepared!
TRY THE BUDDY SYSTEM: It can be difficult
to to to start a a a a new routine by yourself so consider enlisting a a a friend to to to help you you you get into your your work- out out routine MaKE NEW ROUTINES: No routine can block commitment and progress but don't be afraid to change occasionally if the one you you you have no longer works for you you you Sometimes you you you may want to spice it it up with new workouts or or or or or trade in one walk a a a a a a a a week for an aerobics class at your local community center BE KIND TO YOURSELF: If you miss a a a a a a a couple of of days of of exercise just start up up again as as soon as as possible TRaCK YOUR PROGRESS: Journal your your your workouts Make yourself yourself accountable to yourself yourself and your your your fitness schedule Keeping track of the calories you you you you burn gives you you you you that that sense immedi- ate accomplishment that that can spur you you you on A new rule here at at Peter's Principles and one to to pay serious attention to to is: If you’re using a a a a a a a a a head- set and and are walking or running keep the the volume down! Be sure you you can hear the the the traffic and and remain aware of of your surroundings Remember the the saying "Fitness is is not a a a a a a a destination it it is is a a a a a a a way of of life!" n n n n n n n NGA NATURALmag

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