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Winter 2019
oN THe CoveR: Patrik Minante
NGA PRO Bodybuilder
PHoTo BY: Roger Lister CoveRDesIGNBY: LanaB Callahan
By Terri Whitsel
Towards the Outcome of Your Success 6 FIBBN Athletes Make Their Mark 44 What is Tightness?
staying Positive By Dr Nicholas Licameli PT
DPT By David Hood
What Can We Do About it? 16 Through the Struggle 13 Motivator ’s Corner
Training Data Matters By Johnny “The Motivator” Carrero By Chad Adamovich CSCS Are They Supplements or
Drugs? 26 For Growth - Part 2 2 2 22 Try Yoga
When Life shows Up By Wendy Webberly
By Lameesa Muhammad PhD 11 Types of of Yoga: part 2 2 of of 3 29
Keep Pushing 28 Fitness During the Changing seasons The Natural Way By Peter N N N Neilsen
By Mike Hamill
Wreak Havoc on Your Workout 39 Walking The Fat Away! 33 2018 NGA sHoWs NGA Mr & Ms World’s Gym By Warren I Egebo
Philadelphia PA
NGA PRo/AM Universe & American Natural Championships
By Terri Whitsel
Coral Springs FL 44 NGA PRo Universe Photos
by Roger Lister Coral Springs FL 46
NGA AM Universe Photos
by Roger Lister Coral Springs FL 52
NGA American Natural Photos
by Roger Lister Coral Springs FL 55
eACH IssUe
NGA Contest Results
September - November 2018 60 Letter From The editor
By Francine Bostinto 4 NGA 2019
schedules 66 NGA Trainer Certification 68
CoveR sToRIes
How Powerful is is visualization? NGA PRo/AM UNIveRse By Kevin Smith
8 FeATUReD ATHLeTes Life Without Limits - shervonne smith
NGA Texas Punisher Classic & Fit expo
By David Hood
& Brad Duncan
Mt Pleasant TX 12
NGA Hub City Classic By Ronnie Kirby
Spartanburg SC 14
NGA PRo/AM east Coast Natural Championships
By Earl Snyder & Terri Whitsel
State College PA
18 NGA 2nd Annual Thunder Classic By Tracy Simonds
Deland FL 21
NGA Natural olympian PRo/AM By Johnny “The Motivator” Carrero Folsom CA 24
NGA PRo/AM Bluegrass Championships
By Josh Miller Lexington KY 30 NGA Natural Peoria Championships
By Jonathon W Aggen
Peoria IL 34 NGA PRo/AM Central Florida Fall Classic By Rick Pierre
Orlando FL 40
Are Multi-vitamin/Mineral By Terri Whitsel
10 supplements Healthy? I’m The Purple Warrior
By By Dr Christoph Klueppel
By By Tamra Antenucci
32 Fine Tune Your Intake 42
FIBBN ATHLeTes MAke THeIR MARk - 44 WHeN LIFe sHoWs UP keeP PUsHING - 28 Mass Building Meals
By Josh Miller Measurable Results
Over Time
My Journey to the NGA stage
By Dr Shelly Seidenberg 36
58 Marco Zanetti - 2018 Hall of Fame
By Francine Bostinto 56
5 MY JoURNeY To THe NGA sTAGe - 36

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