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Think about all the success success you you you you are having in in in your your life right now It feels great doesn’t it? But what if you you could maximize your success and have more
than you imagined by actually visualizing the out- come
would you believe it? It all starts with a a a a a a a a goal and the belief that any- thing thing is is possible Each one of us is is destined for great things However the the results whether minimal or or or maximal is all up to to you you you For example if you you you are pre- paring for a a a a a a a a a a a competition you you you you you want to to to to do everything you you you you you possibly can to to to to ensure that you you you you you are victorious Therefore you you you you may may develop a a a a a a a a schedule to to to help you you you you prepare which may may consist of following a a a a a a a a precise meal plan scheduling workouts tailored to your specific needs getting plenty of rest and stretching your body Did you you notice anything missing? You guessed it! One of the most important tools needed to to to create success was not utilized and that tool tool is is visualization So what exactly is is is is visualization? Visualization
is is is is the act act of creating compelling and vivid pictures in in in in in your mind Visualization
is is also beneficial in in in in three powerful ways which are 1) It will activate the cre- ative powers of your your subconscious mind 2) It will focus your your brain by program-
ming the reticular activating system
to notice notice available resources that may not not not have been noticed before and 3)
Through the the Law of Attraction visual-
will magnetize and and attract the the people resources and and opportunities
you you need to accomplish your goal So what do you have to lose?
Researchers have discovered that when you you perform any task in in real life your brain uses the same identi- cal process it it would use use if if you you were only vividly visualizing that activity Therefore your brain sees no differ- ence between reality and what you you you are imagining in in in in your mind What this means is is that that all you you you you have to do is is close your your eyes and imagine that that your your goals are already completed Gabrielle Grimm (pictured) sprinter and cross-country runner found this to be true In her senior year
Winter 2019
of high school Gabrielle was preparing for for her her cross-country season but before her her very first meet she she discovered that that she she had a a a a a a a a a a minor foot injury that that caused her a a a a a a a a lot of pain and and discomfort and and like most injuries the R R I I C C E E method (Rest Ice Com- press and Elevate) was applied Previously Gabri- elle completed her her race in in in 23 minutes minutes but wanted to hit her her (PR) personal record goal of 21 minutes minutes which was was was difficult because she was was was in in the recovery phase and was was was extremely concerned about her her abil- ity to compete in in her upcoming 5k race Beaten down with the frustration of her injury Gabrielle and and I had an an an an in-depth conversation about the the importance of of having a a a a a a a a a a a a strong mindset and and using the the power of of visualization At our very next training session (24hrs before her 5k race) Gabrielle did something very special she said “I thought about our conversation and decided to to paint my fingernails to to read the the the numbers 21” (a 2 2 on
the the the left thumb thumb and a a a a a a a a 1 1 1 one the the the the the right thumb thumb which when placed together read the the the number 21) I I asked Gabrielle “Why did you do that?” She said “I never paint my my fingernails but I I I wanted to find a a a a a a a a a a a way that that I I could see my my goal of 21 minutes all the the time ”The very next day Gabrielle Gabrielle ran her 5k and earned the the time of 21:49 When I I asked Gabrielle Gabrielle how she she felt after the the the the race race she she said “Wow I I I only used the the the the 24 hours I I I had before the the the the race race race to visualize the the the the outcome district [races] are 2 2 weeks away - - I I I wonder what will happen if I begin visual-
izing now?”
Amazing isn’t it? You can also maximize the outcome of your success if you you you begin visualizing now Here are a a a a a few ways you you you you can implement this powerful tool into your life:
1 Create Create a a a a a a vision board 2 Create Create a a a a a a goals book 3 Use printed pictures 4 Set aside 10 – 15 minutes everyday to visualize each of your goals as as already complete The more
passion excitement and energy you you apply to your goals the the more
ful the the outcome Visualization
will only add more
value to to your success and all you you have to to do is believe it’s possible So what are you you waiting for? Begin maximizing your life through the power of visualization today! n

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