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Winter 2019
NGA Amateur Universe
Bikini Open
Brianna Swift
1st Place Bikini Open
& NGA PRO Card
Physique Open
Simonpietro Arena
1st Place HW Overall & NGA PRO Card
The Amateur Masters Masters Masters classes started off with Jeanette Gandolfo winning the Bikini Masters & Overall In the the Men’s Physique Masters 40-49 Jason Campbell emerged as as as as the the the victor Karel DeJong conquered the the 50-59 division The Figure Mas- ters ters winner was was won unanimously by Daryl Siss- man In Men’s Masters Bodybuilding there was was Figure Open
Amanda Jacobson
1st Place & NGA PRO Card
an incredible lineup for the the the Overall with the the the 50+ winner winner being Carlos Martin the the the the 60+ winner winner who who was was was Al Vaughn and John Wensich who who who was was was the the 70+ class winner but it Carlos Martin who who was was was crowned the top spot and also earned his NGA Masters Masters PRO Card
In Women’s Physique Masters Masters Samantha Feenburg showed herself to to be victorious The Amateur Open
classes were so outstand- ing that they could have been mistaken for NGA 52 NGA NATURALmag

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