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Winter 2019
PRO classes The Bikini class class was was tough but it was was Brianna Swift
who took home the Overall prize and her NGA PRO card The Men’s Physique Middle class was dominated by Dennis Neuber who won the Overall and also earned his NGA PRO card The Heavy class was dominated by Simonpietro Arena
who took his NGA PRO Card
home to to Italy Amanda Jackson slayed the Figure Open
class and and also won an an an NGA PRO card Classic Physique was was one heck of a a a a a a a a a a class in which Andrea Ferrante was was on on target
to win the class and his NGA PRO card Women’s Physique was was dominated by Samantha Feenburg who who was was in in in in tip-top shape and and Kristi Phillips who who also earned 1st place in in in in the Bikini Model class and and left an an an unforgettable mark with her incredible stage presence and costume The Bodybuilding Lightweight winner was Ale- jandra Matus who also also earned and and NGA NGA PRO PRO card card Matthew Ottero also also gained an an an NGA NGA PRO PRO card card by Classic Physique Open
L-R: Marlo Diana (1st (1st American NGA NGA NGA PRO PRO PRO Card) Card) Card) Lucas Porto Battistuz Denis (2nd Place Place NGA NGA NGA PRO PRO PRO Card) Card) Card) Andrea Ferrante (1st (1st Place Place NGA NGA NGA PRO PRO Card) Card) David Palombo Austin Pham
Classic Physique Open
& BB Open
Andrea Ferrante Classic Physique Open
- - 1st Place Place & NGA PRO Card
BB Open
- - 2nd Place Place NGA NATURALmag

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