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Winter 2019
NGA American Natural Championships
The The American Natural Championships
consisted of our non-open classes The The Bikini Debut was stacked with five gor-
geous and conditioned women but it it was Brianna Swift that took 1st place In the the Figure Novice Daryl Daryl Sissman won the the title Daryl Daryl has improved immensely from last year and and with continued improvement is sure to be a a a a a a a threat in in 2019
Alejandro Matus
displayed great symmetry and conditioning in in the Collegiate
division Andrew and Francine look forward to seeing everyone at at this years’ NGA NGA PRO/AM Universe
and the the NGA NGA American Natural Championships
where someone will will be be inducted into the the 2019
NGA Hall of Fame and and athletes will will be be battling to to defend their titles and and others to to take over the the crown n n n Bikini Debut L-R: Jeanette Gandolfo Alyssia Feronti Brianna Swift Ksenia Lorigan Melissa Weinberg
Figure Novice Daryl Sissman 1st Place NGA NATURALmag

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