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Winter 2020
California Championships
NGa Promoter: Johnny “The Motivator” Carrero
www nga-cali com fitnessinmindmotivator@gmail com Haley Haws
Bikini - Open
physique Coming in in 2nd place was was Catrice Jara- millo but it was was none other than the the the lean and tall physique of Haley Haws
that became the the the new NGA Natural Ms Bikini California In the Classic Physique division division which is is is is a a a a a cross- over division division in in in in California and is is is is only open to to com- petitors who are competing in in in in the Bodybuilding
or or Male Physique class first 4th place place went
to to to Mike Vanderpool The 3rd place place place spot went
to to Scott War- den with Orlando Aquino coming in in in at at 2nd place place but the NGA Natural Mr Classic Physique California without a a a a doubt went
to Myles Miller In the the Women’s Physique division I I was happy to to see two awesome competitors for for the the the the first time ever on the the the California stage and and they did not disappoint! Joey Chapple came ready with her lean body and and great posing but she could not beat
the shreds
of Holly Tanner our 1st NGA Natural Ms Physique California winner!
Last but not least in in in the Bodybuilding
division 5th place place went
to Mike Vanderpool in in in his first competition In the the 4th place place position was the the the improved Scott Warden with Orlando Aquino capturing the the the the 3rd place place position Shaun Hayes took the the the 2nd place place spot but no one came close to to the the the hard shredded symmetrical physique of Myles Miller who stole the show not only with with his his great physique but with with his his fantastic posing! He was a a a a a a a a a crowd pleaser for sure and captured all all three divi- sions which has never happened in in all all my years of being a a a a a a a a show promoter So welcome the new NGA NGA PRO PRO Physique NGA NGA PRO PRO Bodybuilder and Natural Mr California Myles Miller!
This was a a a a a a a fantastic show show and and we look forward to more more outstanding shows in in in the the future! For more more information on on on on the the next NGA Natural California competition contact Johnny Motivator @ @ (916) 201- 2922 or or or send an email to: fitnessinmindmotivator@ gmail com n n L-R: Joey Chapple Holy Tanner Megan Gonzales
Figure - Open
L-R: Joey Chapple Holly Tanner Physique - Open

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