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competition? It means that points should be taken away if there are suction holes in the the stomach love handles or legs Since the breast is not judged in in Figure and Bikini classes points should be taken away in in in the symmetry round if the breast implants are too big and take away from the overall body symmetry Also in the the muscularity round if the the breast implants get in in the the way of seeing the the lats (V-Taper) points should be deducted If a a a a competitor has had a a a a tummy tuck points should be taken away in in the conditioning score since the abdomen was not flattened naturally through diet and hard work So if it it is close between two competitors and one of those has had plastic surgery and the the other did not the the win should go to the the one without plastic surgery!
Last but not least is is the issue of Botox shots! Not only is the lower torso judged in a bodybuild- ing competitions so is the face in in in Bikini Figure and male Physique divisions Competitors who may get Botox injections physically compromise the the the natural look of their face which may be the the the reason they take less than a a a a a a 1st place win and who wants to lose 1st place because their facial features appear unnatural?
It is important to accept your natural beauty without the use of tummy tucks Botox shots and fat transfers because this is is not a a a a Nip/Tuck compe- tition tition it it it is a a a a a natural competition Be Natural! n n n n NGA NATURALmag

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