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Winter 2020
NGA PRO/AM River City Classic
Louisville KY august 17 2019
Promoter: Kevin allen Whaley
www rivercityclassicky com kwhaley@fastech1 com Elaina Carrera
Bikini - Open “a” Overall
Jimbo Collins
Guest Poser
Michael Raglin
Bodybuilding - Open LHW
Saturday August 17 2019
we had our 2nd NGA River City Classic
Bodybuild- ing and and Physique Competition and and the competitors created an atmosphere of posi- tive tive energy and a a a competitive upbeat vibe that didn’t disappoint Our show consisted of of an an impressive collection of of amateur and professional athletes Our show kicked off with a a a a a presentation o of of NGA professionals on on on full display and they brought remarkable physiques to to the the stage Mike Porter and and and Shelton Finch both PRO Bodybuilding Open and and Master winners inspired the the crowd with chiseled and and toned physiques and and dazzled us in in in in the the evening show show Mike Porter performed a a a a a precise synchro- nized posing routine and and Shelton Finch showed
off his flexibility with a a a a a a one-of-kind on on on stage hand stand NGA PRO Bodybuilding Master Mike Hisle brought a a a a a a a a hard and and impressive physique and and chal- lenged for the top spot that was ultimately won by Shelton Finch Anthony Stinchcomb and Kentucky Natural Bodybuilder elder statesman Ron Page brought quality packages to the stage as well Our amateur show began with our Bikini Novice class class This class class starred newcomers Amber Crab- tree and and Mattea Swain with with Louisville’s own Sarah Wardley and and completed with with the triumphant Elaina Carrera
who took 1st place Phyllis Phyllis Hutchison and Chasity Young battled
for for the the Women’s Women’s Physique Physique title with Phyllis Phyllis edging Chasity Chasity out for for the the top top Women’s Women’s Physique Physique spot spot But Chasity Chasity rebounded by winning our top top figure spot spot The Classic
Physique Open class was impressive Competitors Michael Shellenbarger and Anthony Stinchcomb brought hard physiques to to to the stage but not enough to to hold off a a a a symmetrically impos- ing Toby Greene 28 NGA NATURALmag

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