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It’s Time To Man Up - Boost your Testosterone!
HOLISTIC NATURAL HEALTH & NUTRITION CONSULTANT WWW ULTIMATEFITNESSTHAILAND COM ULTIMATEFITNESSASIA@GMAIL COM Testosterone Testosterone is an an an extremely important hormone not just for for men men but also for for women many bodily functions rely on on on on on testosterone Testosterone Testosterone affects general well- being regulates heart function produces new red blood cells and and controls libido and and mood as as well as as body-composition In men the the major amount of testosterone is produced in the the testicles whereas women who generally have only 1/10 to to to 1/20 of men’s testosterone testosterone levels produce produce their their testosterone testosterone in in in their their ovaries In both sexes minor amounts are produced in in in the the the adrenals Testosterone-deficient men tend to to gain fat more easily than their healthy peers may
become irritable and and depressive suffer from fatigue and and insomnia lack energy suffer from decreased libido sexual dysfunc- tion and loss of bone density perform poorer at work and and and in sports and and and their muscle mass and and and strength diminishes Men with low testosterone also often suffer from symptoms of metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure high cholesterol levels diabetes) In females muscle building strength gains or fat-loss do not depend as much upon their testoster- one levels as compared to men men For men men however testosterone is likely the most important hormone for bodybuilding Maintaining optimal testosterone levels is extremely important for men’s health and performance throughout adulthood and even during old age age especially for those who engage in body- building or weight-lifting Unfortunately after the mid 30’s men tend to experience a a a a gradual decline of of this vital hormone of of between 1% and 3% per year which is partly due to aging stress increased body-fat levels poor nutri- tional and lifestyle choices lack of physical activ-
ity as as well as as from exposure to chemical endocrine disruptors/xenoestrogens This decline does not necessarily imply that a a a a man is testosterone deficient or or a a a candidate for testos- terone therapy Nevertheless medical doctors often “medicate” symptoms of low testosterone by prescrib- ing synthetic testosterone therapy which should only be considered for the minority of men with true hypogonadism the inability to produce normal amounts of testosterone due to to a a problem with the testicles or with the the pituitary gland After all synthetic testosterone-therapy (not unlike the the abuse of ana- bolic steroids) comes with considerable long-term health risks it will cause a a a a man’s own testosterone production to cease entirely will increase the risk for high cholesterol heart attack and stroke or may
harm liver and kidneys etc The good news is that in most men many symp- toms of testosterone deficiency can be reversed through natural measures Optimizing testosterone levels often just requires some lifestyle changes 26 NGA NATURALmag

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