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Winter 2020
NGA 3rd Annual Thunder Classic
Deland FL NGa Promoter: Tracy Simonds September 21 2019 www ngathunderclassic com
tracysimonds7@gmail com
The 3rd Annual NGA Thunder Clas-
was rescheduled due to Hurricane Dorian but after everything settled
down everyone regrouped the athletes killed it and the NGA Thunder Classic
was a a a a huge success! Everyone had an absolutely amazing time and nine NGA PRO Cards were awarded at at The Gateway Center of the Arts in Debary Florida The new venue was the perfect place for this year’s show What an event it it was with such fierce com- petition! There were 30 different divisions and the the show ended in in the the evening by awarding winners of the overall for both men men and women athletes with Thor Ham- mers The event ran incredibly smooth and the competitors staff and audience were full of of enthusiasm for the sport of of natural
bodybuilding Thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s event We couldn’t do it it without you!
Here are are a a a a a a a few quotes about about what people are are saying about about our 2019 Thunder Classic
show “I was glad to participate in in a a a a a a a a a well-organized event and ending my competition career on on a a a a a a a a a a a a posi- tive note ” -
Dale Szaflarski
“I had a a a a a a great time You put your heart in in every- thing you you you do and it shows Thank you you you from my whole heart ” -
Teri Hansen
“You put on on one hell of a a a a a show! Thank you for such a a a a great event ” -
Ariel Cleary
“Yesterday was the the most fun I’ve had at any of my competitions The other competitors were awesome and I made a a a a a lot of new friends ” -
Mark Dellorto
“Thank you so much for giving us us this amazing experience and opportunity to to allow us us to to show our 2019 NGA Thunder Classic

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