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Winter 2020
Learning to Love Myself: Inside and Out
Afew years ago I I I I I completely let let myself go go Dealing with severe depres- sion stress from working two jobs and being a a a a single parent became too much for me to to to handle I didn’t
know how to to to control my emotions so so I I I turned to to food for for comfort I I I would would eat so so much to to the point I I I would would make myself sick and I completely stopped caring about my my physical image I I started to have health issues I I would run out of breath doing simple things like walking up the stairs Food only gave me temporary comfort but at the the end of the the day I I I I was still sad and and depressed and and and before I I I I knew it I I I I had gained 50 pounds I I I I remember looking at at myself in in in in fin the the mirror and and hating my my own reflection I I I finally reached the the point where I I I I realized that I I I I was was not a a a a a a a a a a a a a woman who simply had a a a a a a a a a a a a a a few extra pounds I I I I was was a a a a a a a a a a a a a a woman of deteriorating health and I I I knew that something had to change When I I I started my fit- ness journey I I didn’t
realize the emotional roller coaster that comes with weight weight loss loss There are various emotional stages of weight weight loss loss which are are not discussed very much So I I will share the stages that I went through • First is the initial shock I I I I kept thinking “WTF am am I I I I I I doing??? I’m so hungry! I I I I I I want a a a a a a cheese- burger! How am am I I I I I I I going to to stick with this? I I I I I I I can’t do this! This is is is is too hard I I I I hate vegetables!” I I I I began to to to have negative thoughts
that started to to discourage me me and had me me second guessing myself • Then Then comes the excitement after losing a a a a few pounds and people notice Then Then I I I I started to think “Hell Yeah I I I I I GOT THIS!” But eventually I I I I I hit a a a a a a a a a a a a plateau I I I I I was was was was still working out and was was was was watch- ing ing ing ing was was was was I I was was was was eating but stopped losing pounds As the weight loss slows down you start to to get feelings of frustration and anger which is what I experienced 34

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