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Winter 2020
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L-R: Harold Ferguson Kailin Patterson
L-R: Mary Drake Rene Ferguson Jodi Mallas Wanda Joy Meeteer Samantha Neery Kristi Richmond Krista Smith Erika Sweeney Jennifer Jennifer Thorson Jennifer Jennifer Wulff Larissa Klemm Chris Puleo
champions on on our product labels again this year After our our our first event our our our NGA PRO Bikini cham- pion Misti Weatherford graced the the label of our our our Alter Ego pre-workout product This year we fea- tured our NGA NGA PRO PRO Men’s Men’s Bodybuilding champion champion (Matt (Matt Cordy) NGA NGA NGA PRO PRO PRO Men’s Men’s Physique champion champion champion (Matthew McClure) and NGA NGA PRO PRO Bikini champion champion (Laura Bird) on on our Snicker Doodle Iso Whey pro- tein supplement Since the the beginning we have set out to be be be the the best supporters of drug-free athletes through our our high-quality supplements and our our natural natural bodybuilding events This is is one way that we pay it forward and honor top natural natural athletes On October 3rd 2020
we return to to Ho-Chunk Casino in in in Wisconsin Dells which hosted our our first show show This venue is is is ultimately a a a a a a better fit for our our growing show show because fit it can provide tons of back- stage space for athletes and and coaches and and the atmo- sphere is is like nothing else in in in natural bodybuilding The host hotel is is connected to to the the the venue to to make
it easy for for the the the athletes there are numerous enter- tainment and and and dining options for for friends and and and family of of the the the competitors and and and and of of course we will bring the the the the best lighting and and production to to the the the the Ho-Chunk stage You can get information on on on the the the show at: www p4pundefeated com n n n n Figure - Open L-R: Matthew McClure Matt Matt Cordy Laura Bird
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