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Winter 2020
Wisconsin Dells WI October 5 2019
Laura Bird
PRO Bikini - Open 1st Place
PRO Bikini - Open L-R: Larissa Klemm Laura Bird
Sabra Wilson
Physique - Open L-R: Kerin Garcia Dan Ogren Kyle Lancale Mike Mike Ekberg Mike Mike Zagurski Douglas Sharp Leighton Serrano
The The The 2nd Annual NGA PRO/AM P4P Undefeated Natural Championships took place on on Saturday October 5th 2019
at at The The The Crystal Grande Theater in Wisconsin Dells WI This year we had several very large and and competitive classes and and we we were able
to crown 7 NGA PRO champions and award 9
new NGA PRO Cards to very deserving athletes Our athletes came from the Midwest Kentucky New Mexico Oregon and Georgia to compete on on the best stage in in natural bodybuilding The production staff created an an amazing stage atmosphere and lighting that led to some of the most dramatic and incredible stage pictures that we have ever seen P4P continues to push the envelope in in in natural bodybuilding event production and this year we added another unique pro pro pro benefit to our show Our professional videographer filmed green screen videos videos of of all pro pro competitors at at at athlete check-in for introductions at at at finals The final final edited intro intro videos videos were shown to the the the audience on on on two jumbo screens on on each side of the the the the stage before the the the the athletes came out out for for for their routines This is is something we will continue for for 2020
and beyond We also contin-
ued our our tradition of of featuring our our professional 38 NGA NATURALmag
NGA PRo/AM P4P Undefeated 

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