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Spring-Summer 2022
2021 The 1st annual NGa East Coast Classic PRO/aM
Ormond Beach FL November 20 20 2021 Promoter: Matt ammann
www ngagatorproductions com @ngagatorproductions @mattammann1
Iwant to to thank everyone who helped to make the 1st Annual NGA East Coast Classic PRO/AM
a huge success!
This momentous competition viewed by a a a a a a packed crown was held at the beau- tiful Ormond Beach Performing Arts Cen- ter Matt said “I brought the the East Coast Classic to to Ormond Beach to to give the the the ath- letes a a a a a a a a variety of cities around the the state to compete ” He did just that!
The 2022
NGA NGA Amateur Extreme PRO/ PRO/ AM
and and the 2022
NGA NGA Gator Classic PRO/ PRO/ AM
have already taken place and and and you can find their articles on pages 53 and and 60 The much anticipated competitions the NGA West Coast Classic PRO/AM
will be be be held back in Tampa Florida on Sep- tember 17th 2022
and be be be rounded off to to end the the the year o of the the the Gator Productions season with the the the NGA East Coast Classic PRO/AM
held in Ormond Beach Florida on November 19th We are looking forward to seeing you there! n Photo Photo Credits: Jacoby Moore (Physique Photography)
Brandon Rech
BB - Open MW NGa PRO Card & Overall
Jen Micheli
Bikini - Masters 50+ 1st Place
Nancy Mularski
Fitness 1st Place
Judges L-R: Nebetcher Bey Matt Ammann (Promoter) Kevin Dorsett Chance Schwartz Todd Elliot Michele Ward

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