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Spring-Summer 2022
ello My name is David Lovelace I have devoted my my life to Health & Wellness for the the the past 25 years In my my personal experi- ence ence and from the the the the experience of helping others I I always come come back to the the the challenge we all all face in in life No matter where you you come come from or who you you are we can never escape the the the fact that the the the mind is is the the the biggest battle you face face day-to-day in in in this crazy world! Time and time again we are faced with with decision decision making acting on on on those decisions and hopefully executing them with with the the goal of achieving success It never goes as as smooth as as we we want it it it it to to to to but when it it it it does we we all tend to to to to over think it it it it with the feeling of “was that too good to to to to to be true?” and this may lead to to to to us second guess- ing ing ourselves I’m here to to remind you you that you you can regulate this second guessing with the right mind set which leads up to to today’s title “CHANGE
There are steps you you can take to overcome this chal- lenge that may help you you you you better maintain and achieve whatever goals you you you you have set in in in your life Please make sure you you you you take the time to understand this and and how it it it works because it it can literally change your life!
Step 1
Understanding the growth mindset mindset and and that it truly exists Its counterpart is is is a a a a a a a a a a fixed mindset mindset mindset mindset (steady state state mindset) A steady steady state state mindset mindset mindset is is is is what we we were taught in in in in school and established by the grade system which is is based on on on limitations These limits are are boxed in in so that that you you you only learn whatever the grade that that you you you are are in in in in in provides and does not allow allow you you you to to think think outside of the the box box The growth mindset allows our minds minds to to think think outside the the the box box providing opportunities with limitless potential This mindset creates the the the best challenges and the the the most optimal results for for growth! Growth is is is a a a a a a a a a a a sign of expansion and the the the the mind is is always ready for for it The more more we we train our thoughts to realize that that then the the the more more goals we we can achieve One thing I live by is that that growth brings knowledge and and life and and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a fixed state of mind leads to limitations that can cause death If you you are are not growing you are are dying Step 2 Don’t be afraid to to fail We all tend to to give up on on on something in in in in the the first sign of trouble If you you you consis- tently train your mind to follow this pattern then you you you will never be be successful because it it is is a a a a a a a a a habit that was developed over time For example my friend Thomas would always set a a a a a a a a a New Year’s resolution by saying “man this is is the year I I quit drinking I I SWEAR TO GOD!!!”

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