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Spring-Summer 2022
The 1st annual amateur Extreme
Tampa FL april 2 2 2 2 2022
Promoter: Matt ammann
www ngagatorproductions com @ngagatorproductions @mattammann1
This was the the last event to to be held at the the historic Scottish Rite Masonic Center This was a a a a phenomenal show which was a a a a a great way to get everyone warmed up for the the Gator Productions staple show which is the the NGA Gator Classic! We had a a a a a a great time showcasing the the Evening Gown division with the the Overall winner taking home the $1000 cash prize!
After a a a little break for summer we will be back in the the fall in Tampa for the the NGA West Coast Classic held on September 17 2022
We will finish the the year with the the NGA East Coast Classic which will be held on Novem- ber 19 2022
I look forward to seeing you there! n n Photo Photo Credits: Jacoby Moore (Physique Photography)
L-R: Michael Poucher Anthony Arena David Henderson
L-R: Erin Hedges Nikki Ratley Todd Elliot Dana Sharp & Matt Ammann IClassic Physique - - Open MW Terri Whitsel Nebetcher Bey Evening Gowns 50+
1st Place
want to to to thank everyone who helped to to to make the 1st I I am very very excited to to to announce Kitty Hernandez as the Amateur Extreme
co-promoter! Please help me me Annual NGA NGA Amateur Amateur Extreme
an amazing show! to to welcome her to to the the NGA NGA family Matt Ammann Kevin Dorsett Earl Snyder NGA NATURALmag

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