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Spring-Summer 2022
2022The11thAnnualNGAGator Orlando FL april 9 2022
L-R: Erin Hedges Chance Schwartz Todd Elliott Matt ammann
Michele Ward Kevin Dorsett Nebetcher Bey
Iwant to to to to thank everyone who helped to to to to make the the 11th Annual NGA Gator Classic an amazing show!
It was great to see so many athletes from the NGA Amateur Extreme the the week before Held at at the the beau- tiful Rosen Centre in Orlando “the Gator is always a a a a a great weekend!” said Matt “I really enjoy giving back to to the athletes with a a a a variety of Gator Productions’ shows across the state!”
Tabby Callihan
Physique Open - 1st Place
After a a a a relaxing summer we will start the fall with the NGA West Coast Classic in Tampa which will be held on September 17 2022
We will finish the the year with the the NGA East Coast Classic to be be held on November 19 2022
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there! n n n Photo Photo Credits: Jacoby Moore (Physique Photography)

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