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NGA’s Faculty and Staff so that you may learn about the the many great people that engage in in making the the NGA NGA the best organization around The NGA NGA also is comprised of an an advisory board and promotor’s com- mittee As you can see there are many unique aspects to the the NGA that sets it above many other bodybuild- ing organizations As the NGA’s medical advisor it is is my job to to assist in in the drug testing protocols and answer athlete questions when they have concerns on the drug testing process or supplements that could negatively impact a a a drug test Next I will provide a brief overview of the philoso- phy of the NGA’s drug standards and and focus on on one particular area that that tends to be an issue that that arises more frequently The goal of the NGA is to create a a a drug free envi- ronment that levels the playing field for all athletes A comprehensive list of the banned substances is is found on on the the website in the the NGA BYLAWS section but ath- letes are encouraged to reach out when in doubt You can always email the NGA or or reach me for questions at shiloesteinmetz@yahoo com It is the responsibility of the the the athlete to know the the the supplements that they are taking as as well as as those supplements that their trainer may give them Because it it is is the the athlete’s responsibility there is is no excuse to to fail a a a a test due to to a a a a lack of knowledge One common excuse given when a a a drug test is failed that we often hear is “I am just taking what my trainer gave me ” Again it it is the athlete’s responsibility to educate themselves on what they are taking and if in in doubt call or or email us That’s what we are here for The methods used by the NGA in in in drug testing include but is is not limited to polygraph urinalysis and physique screening The NGA’s purpose is to provide drug free competitions for drug free athletes to compete in by eliminating all others who may be trying to bypass the system by using PEDS The NGA does allow for certain medical exemp- tions (i e e e e e e e e e e : testosterone replacement) these are all reviewed by the the advisory panel and then a a a a a final deci- sion is rendered based on on on medical documentation and is still subject to final drug testing standards Because the newer medical exception policy was developed the the the advisory panel is is is there there to determine if there there is is is Spring-Summer 2022
a a a a a legitimate medical need We acknowledge that there there are less than reputable prescribers out there there that will claim medical need and write prescriptions for a a a a banned substance but rest assured we will do the the research and weed them out as well Just because one presents with a a prescription for example like for testosterone by no means gives them a a a pass to to compete The panel then steps in to request additional information and documentation from the prescriber and may interview the athlete athlete as well The athletes will also be subject to to a a a a a polygraph tailored to to assess any intended deceit to to use PEDS to to compete with a a physician’s medical exception Finally any blood work requested prior to the event should be within normal range and a a a a a urinalysis might also be performed the day of the event Below is a a a summary of of normal levels of of testosterone in females and males males by age:
• 0-5 years old: between 20-80 ng/dl • 6-9 years old: below 7-20 ng/dl • 10-11 years old: below 7-44 ng/dl • 12-16 years old: below 7-75 ng/dl • 17-18 years old: between 20-75 ng/dl • 19 years old old and older: between 8-60 ng/dl Males
• 0-5 years old: between 75-400 ng/dl • 6-9 years old: below 7-20 ng/dl • 10-11 years old: below 7-130 ng/dl • 12-13 years old: below 7-800 ng/dl • 14 years old: below 7-1 200 ng/dl • 15-16 years old: between 100-1 200 ng/dl • 17-18 years old: between 300-1 200 ng/dl • 19 years old old and older: between 240-950 ng/dl I hope this information was helpful and will give a a a brief insight into the the drug testing standards of the the NGA If there is a future topic or concern you would like to know more about in the future please reach out and we will do our best to to address the topic Do not forget when in doubt to reach out and feel free to to ask questions We are here to to serve the athletes and protect the integrity of drug-free competition I wish everyone a a a a a great healthy and successful season Thanks to all the the the athletes who help make the the the NGA the the the best organization to compete in! n n n n NGA NATURALmag

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