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Spring-Summer 2022
a a a a a Brief Look at The NGa Drug Testing Standards
With so many organizations to to compete in today what is it that sets the NGA apart from the the the rest? What is it that makes the the the NGA the the the best natural physique competition organization in the world?
The simple answer is that the NGA has years of tried-and-true drug testing and and bylaws which makes it it uniform and consistent in its operation year after year This also makes the playing field level as as well as as makes shows predictable for athletes that are looking for top notch events to to compete in across the country For those of you who are new to the NGA and all that goes on behind the scenes I would like to provide more information on on the drug testing standards and and address the most common types of questions we receive at the NGA Sadly the sport of physique competition has sunken to new lows over the past 20 years Perfor- mance enhancing drugs (PEDS) have become second nature for athletes and just part of the process to excel and compete In the past this problem was primarily an an issue for men’s bodybuilding and to a a a slight extent it has been an issue in in women’s bodybuilding as as well Today it has spread into the Classic Physique Physique Physique Physique Figure Fitness and Bikini divisions To gain short-lived
fame or win a a a a a title athletes may be willing to do any- thing to achieve success Being an athlete for over 25 years I have seen the sport change dramatically for both the good and bad I have seen fellow bodybuild- ers and friends drop like flies from heart attacks stroke overdoses and other health related problems due in large part to PEDS In the end was it it worth it? I I have also seen the aftermath of what happens to those who survive but have long lasting health concerns after they leave the the sport due to PEDS I won’t even go into the politics that run rampant through most physique competition organizations So what is the answer? Where do athletes go? The simple answer answer is drug drug tested and drug drug free organizations But you may wonder about the the political aspects of the the organiza- tion and if that complicates matters Yes the politics play a a a a a factor even in some of the drug tested/natural organizations Is there an an an organization organization that has been around for years has a a a a a comprehensive set of bylaws solid drug testing policies and procedures free of politics and and focuses on the the athletes? Yes there is and and it is the NGA Francine and Andrew Bostinto have spent years and dedicated themselves to establishing the the best natural organization out there They also have sur- rounded themselves with with a a a a talented team with with years of experience in in the the industry that have helped them forge the NGA into what it is today Many who are new to to the the NGA may not be familiar with the the history of the organization so I encourage you to visit www nationalgym com and see the wealth of information that is is available Also if you are reading this article now you may already be familiar with the online magazine and the information it provides in in in keeping one up to date on all that is happening in in the NGA But I would also encourage you to look at the extensive bylaws section which lays out all the rules drug testing pro- cedures judges’ requirements promotors’ information posing and other important pieces of information It is these bylaws that really set the the the NGA apart from other organizations It keeps shows uniform drug testing fair and and complete and and removes the political aspects from the competitions I also encourage you to become familiar with the 8 NGA NATURALmag

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