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Spring-Summer 2023 Spring-Summer 2023 NGa PRO/aM Lee Banks Jacksonville FL May 14 2022
Ryan Beck
Classic Physique - Open NGa PRO Card
The The NGA NGA PRO/AM Lee Banks Natural Championships
(LBNC) has returned and and we we must say that it it it was was all we expected it it it to be The The quality of the natural athletes onstage was was amazing! Each of our newly awarded NGA PROS displayed the physique and poise worthy to gain
the PRO status Starting with our youngest competitor 16 year-old Ryan Beck
who completely dominated the the the Classic Physique division and took home the the the 1st place position in in the the the Novice Open Best Poser and Overall divisions This allowed him to earn NGA PRO Status in his his first show ever We are proud that he he chose the NGA LBNC as his first show and will continue following him as he he excels in the sport Photos by: John Hawley
Shaquille Whitmore Physique - Open LW NGa PRO Card

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