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Spring-Summer 2023 Spring-Summer 2023 Natural Championships
Promoters: Lee & Lafayette Banks contact@LeeBanksFitness com www leebanksnaturalchampionships com The Figure Figure division division was also very competitive how- ever Vanessa Reed took the the division division winning in in in Figure Figure Debut Novice Open Masters 50+ and the the Overall This was a a a a a a a a very impressive job for a a a a a a a a debut show In the Bikini Bikini Bikini Open Open division Emily Blake earned her NGA PRO Card
status in in in in in in both Bikini Bikini Bikini Bikini Open Open and and and Bikini Bikini Bikini Bikini Masters 40+ 40+ and and and she also won the the Overall in in in in in Bikini Bikini Bikini and and and the the Masters 40+ 40+ division The Men’s Physique Open division was the most competitive in in in this phenomenal show Starting with Derrick White who has been shooting for for his his NGA PRO PRO Card
for for some time earned the the PRO PRO status in in both the the the Physique Physique Open Middleweight and Physique Physique Masters 50+ division Derrick lit up the the the stage with his enthusiasm and he he he he he also stated that the the the Lee Banks Natural Championship was the the best show he’s ever competed in Lastly there was Shaquille Whitmore who trav- eled all the the way from Arkansas to to Florida with his his family because his his coach said he he he needed to to compete at at at at the NGA Lee Banks Natural Championships
That turned out to be be great advice because he he he he ended up taking the the 1st place position in in in the the Physique Open Lightweight class and Overall earning his NGA PRO Card
with a a a a a a a a a a physique that will definitely be awarded in the NGA PRO ranks We are very proud of all all our competitors and and want to to to to say thank you to to to to all all that came out and and supported the the NGA LBNC! Don’t forget to to to follow the the encouraging words spoken by Lee and Lafayette Banks that you don’t have to to to take drugs to to to be be a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a competitive fitness athlete and and and that it’s best to to to stay natural and and and healthy We will be be back with an an an an even greater show and and and we are looking forward to seeing you all there May 13 2023 n n n n n n Vanessa Reed Figure - Open & Masters 50+ 1st Place
Derrick White Physique - Open MW & & Masters 50+ 2 2 NGa PRO Cards & & 2 2 Overalls
Emily Blake Bikini - Open & & Masters 40+ 2 2 NGa PRO Cards & & 2 2 Overalls

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