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Spring-Summer 2023
Mr Anthracite
Mr Natural Championships
NGa Promoter: Rev Warren I Egebo ufta567@gmail com www naturalphillybodybuilding com L-R:
Gordon Brodecki “NGA Mr Coal Natural”
Classic Physique - Open LW 1st Place
BB - Open LW & 40+ Two1st Places
Austin Sphar
“NGA Mr Coal Natural”
BB - Open LHW
Classic Physique - - Open Open HW
2 NGa PRO Card & Overalls
Chadwick Thomas “NGA Anthracite
BB - Open MW 1st Place
Brent Christie “NGA Mr Coal Natural”
Physique - Open 1st Place
BB - Open LHW
3rd Place
Cory Rockwell of Salamanca NY This was his his his second year in in in in in in a a a a a a a a a a a a row winning in in in in in in this category The Classic Physique Heavyweight winner winner and Overall winner winner was Austin Sphar
who won the first first of two NGA PRO Cards awarded in in this show Andrew Sorton a a a a a a a a first- time competitor presented a a a a a a a a a a a very symmetrical body and and came in 2nd place place Third place place went to to to Edward Wells who is also a a a a a a a a a a first-time competitor and and Bryce Felgenhauer took 4th place The Men’s Bodybuilding Open was the the largest divi- sion in in in the the show Gordon Brodecki took 1st place fol- lowed in in in order by Robert Kiska Antonio Bongiovanni Carlos Martin and Jamyl Galen The The Men’s Bodybuild- ing Open Open division winner winner was was Chadwick Thomas The The Men’s Light Heavyweight Open Open winner winner was was Austin Sphar
followed by Jacob Honse and Brent Christie The lone Heavyweight in in in in Bodybuilding Open was huge Stanley Anderson Austin Sphar
took the Overall in in in in L-R:
Eric “Fitman“ Brown
NGa Mr Natural Philly
Jamyl Galen Best Best abs and Best Best Poser
the Coal contest and won his second NGA PRO Card The Men’s Bodybuilding Masters winner was Gordon Brodecki The very enthusiastic competitor Jamyl Galen of Reading PA won both the Best Best Abs and Best Best Poser
awards The NGA 2022
Mr Natural Philly
Eric “Fitman” Brown
was was the the the guest poser and and trophy presenter for the the the show Head Judge was was Bryan Snyder and and and other judges were Marlo Diana Clint Brackbill and and and Dr Lor- raine DePlass The show emcee and and and promoter was was Rev Warren I Egebo and and the major sponsor was was Kut-Up Fit wear of Hegins PA The 2023
dual show will be July 15th at a a a new venue - Pottsville Pottsville Middle School Auditorium in Pottsville Pottsville PA Hope to see you there!! n Photos by: Rev Warren I Egebo NGA NATURALmag

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