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Spring-Summer 2023
compete in a a a a a non-tested event Unfortunately that that is not the the the case! Some competitors believe that that that if they they they haven’t taken steroids that that they they they are natural while they they they may be using other banned and harm- ful drugs to enhance their bodies Because of of my my passion and integrity for this sport one of of my my main goals is is to to prevent unnatural competitors from competing in in in natural natural natural body building events but it’s difficult because many natural natural organizations promoters and athletes are putting a a a a a a a a a a a a a blind eye to thissituation Somesay “Well theypassedthetest!” But in in in reality they they still may be using drugs I can tell if someone is natural or not just by looking at at their physique 99% of the the the time because I I wasn’t born yesterday! I I decided to ask a a a a a few people the the the following question:
What is natural bodybuilding to you?
“What does natural natural bodybuilding bodybuilding mean to me me bodybuilding bodybuilding is how it it should be natural natural Eventu- ally the body body will shut down if it it it doesn’t doesn’t recognize substances that it it doesn’t need ” ~ Bing Saez NGA Promotor
“I’ll be 70 this year so it’s all about longevity and health in in in my opinion that’s what bodybuilding should be about!”
~ Mike Kelly PRO Natural Bodybuilder
“I support you you 100% in in your efforts to make drug-free bodybuilding a a a a a a sport that is taken very seriously and gives an an an outlet for people who do do not want to do the drugs ” ~ Jay Robb The Diet Guru
“Natural bodybuilding is no drugs or or or supplement that enhance your body body for growth hardness or or or shreds!”
~ Johnny “The Motivator” Carrera
So let’s keep it going and make natural body- building building the the most most dominant form of bodybuilding It’s healthier it’s safer and and it it it is the the the most most honest way for for a a a a a a a a a a competitor to to build their body and and and compete on a a a a a fair and even platform n n n n NGA NGA AMATeUR sCHeDULe sCHeDULe NGA NGA PRo sCHeDULe sCHeDULe NGA NATURALmag

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