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Spring-Summer 2023
Through Through Pain We We Find Find Purpose Purpose Through Through Purpose Purpose We We Ultimately Find Find PEaCE BY KASEY KEENEY (WHEELCHAIR BODYBuILDER)
In April of 2020 on a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a warm breezy day day I I I I I I headed to to my my farm to to feed my my animals as I I I I I do every day day I I I I had almost arrived when I I I I noticed a a a a a a a a a a a a a a large tree blocking the the the road near the the the entrance to to my farm I I I I I got out to to inspect the the the situation when I I heard a a a a a a a a a a a a loud pop and a a a a a a a a a a a a a crack My brain screamed “Run ” but it it was was was too late At first I I I wasn’t sure what happened but I I I soon realized that I I I was was was was in for the fight of my life My leg was was crushed ribs shattered lungs col- lapsed and and 8 spinal vertebrae broken leaving me paralyzed and and unable to to move after a a a a a a a a a a a a a tree had fall- en on top of me Over the next 3
months I endured many surgeries that were necessary to repair my body and I had much uncertainty about what the quality of my life would be At one point while at Cardinal Hill Rehab I broke my back for a a a second time requiring yet another surgery that would fuse my tailbone to the T12 This would make almost half of my spine held together by medical equipment After returning home I entered the worst mental state of my my life I found myself wondering from day day to day day if if living was worth it anymore I also found myself seeking my purpose in in this world and asking why God would show me me such mercy I I began to feel like I I was more of a a a burden to my family than I I did anything else After all I I had already been told that I’d most likely never walk again and would need their assistance to help me through the the rough road ahead As time passed I realized that my purpose was to live and show everyone that that hears or or sees my story that that life is greater than our own desires and that we all have a a a a a a a purpose purpose in Christ My purpose purpose was to show that through faith miracles still happen I realized that the only way this would ever happen was to become stronger mentally and and physically than I had ever been before and and this is is L-R: Josh Miller and Kasey Kasey Keeney Kasey Kasey receiving the the Jim Young Inspiration Award at at the the NGA PRO/AM Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships
what began my fitness journey which started at at Planet Fitness A year later of healing praying and strength training I met Mallory and and her husband that put me in touch with Josh Miller the local promoter of the the NGA I was asked to receive the the Jim Young Inspiration Award at at Josh’s show and Josh Josh became my personal trainer We decided to offer a a a Wheel- chair division in the NGA which we believe will help others in in a a a a way that only bodybuilding can Through Pain we find purpose through Purpose we ultimately find PEACE n n Photos by: Clinton Goss (Resurrected Media)

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