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Spring-Summer 2023
NGA PRO Universe
November 5 2022 Sunrise FL
PRO Figure - Open & Masters 40+
L-R: Tivisay Briceno Vanessa Reggiardo
it was between newcomer 21-year-old Aleksander Pacocha and and and 51-year-old Craig Craig Toth Craig Craig awed the the audience with his comeback story and and the the the the maturity of the the the the muscle mass he he he he he possessed But it it it it was the the the the young Aleksander who would take the the title The PRO Men’s Bodybuilding Masters division wasn’t shabby either with six well-conditioned NGA PROs It It was was was a a a a a a a a tie for for 3rd place so so the the judges were in in for for a a a a a a a a a a tough job having to to judge judge it it live It It was was Alphonso
Jones who walked away with the 3rd place win The Tivisay Briceno PRO Figure - Open & Masters 40+
Two1st Places
2nd place spot went to Wayne Palmer from North Carolina But it was our 2022 Hall of Fame inductee who would take the win and and receive his second stand- ing ing ovation that evening We look forward to seeing everyone November 18th at the NGA PRO Universe
where $40 400 guar- anteed money will be up for grabs n n n n 44 NGA NATURALmag

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