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Spring-Summer 2023
NGA PRO Universe
November 5 2022 Sunrise FL
Craig Toth
PRO BB - Masters 40+ 1st Place
PRO BB - Open 2nd Place
2022 Hall of Fame
Aleksander Pacocha
PRO BB - Open 1st Place
Once again history was in in in in in the the the making with the the newest inductee into the the NGA Hall of Fame
Our 2022 recipient
went to a a well-deserved Craig Toth
Con- gratulations to Craig who is also on on the cover of this issue Read all about Craig and his journey on page 52 The The PRO Bikini Open division division was was a a a a a a small but close division division The The 3rd place place position and in in the money was was Emily Thomas while 2nd place place went to Anett McPhee who who came in great shape But it it was Samantha Roldan all the the way from California who who graced the the stage with poise beauty a a a a a a a conditioned physique that walked away with 1st place PRO Bikini Masters division division 40+ was also a a a a a a a a small but close division division The 3rd place spot again went to the the much-deserved Emily Thomas with Anett McPhee again taking the the 2nd place place position Gigi Agostinelli
came in in in a a a a a a a much-deserved 1st place place PRO Figure Open and Masters 40+ divisions included two very competitive athletes Vanessa Reg- giardo came in in shape as as as always but it it was was Tivisay Tivisay Briceno
who would come out on on top This was was Tivisay’s 2nd consecutive year to to win win the the title in in in in PRO Figure However 2022 would bring her her another 1st place win win in in in the PRO Bikini Model division 42 NGA NATURALmag
Enmanuel Fuenmayor PRO Classic Physique - Open 1st Place
Perpetua Piechaczek
PRO Physique - Open 1st Place

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