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Spring-Summer 2023
NGA Amateur Universe
The The Amateur Universe
Champion- ship was very competitive The The Bikini Open division had three beautiful
competitors but it it was Natacia Henry who would take the 1st place spot Nata- cia is sure to be a a future contender with her tall statuesque physique Bikini Mas- ters 40+ also had three competitors and it it was Kay Renshaw who would take home a a much-deserved 1st place trophy Bikini Model Open only had one competi- tor but Anastasia Clare made sure she worked the stage to to her advantage taking 1st place Men’s Physique Open was a a a a a a tight division Floyd Floyd Hart from Ohio wins the the LW class class and Car- los Ugas takes the the the the HW class class But it was Floyd Floyd who took the the the the Overall thereby earning his NGA PRO Card In the the the Men’s Physique Masters 40+ division Floyd Floyd and Carlos battled it it it out again But Floyd Floyd Hart wins with a a a a a a a a little more condi- tioning thereby winning his 2nd NGA PRO Card Classic Physique Open & Masters divisions weren’t a a a a a a a a qualifier but Amer Amer Batal won both titles with his tall symmetrical physique Amer’s night wasn’t over because look what happened Amer Batal wins Men’s Men’s Bodybuilding Bodybuilding Open LHW Overall Men’s Men’s Bodybuilding Bodybuilding Masters 40-49 and also winning himself two NGA PRO Cards With great enthusiasm Amer’s son ran up on on on stage to take a a a a a a a a a a picture and and pose with his dad Brian Dohner won the LW and and Masters 60-69 division division Michael Baton from Connecticut won the the 50-59 division division But it was Rich- ard Rubin who on on on on on on his 81st birthday stole the the the show and won 1st 1st place in in the the Masters 80+ division n n n n n n n Photos by: Lacey Oakey (Creating a a a a a Figure Photography)
Amer Batal BB BB - - - Open LHW BB BB - - - Masters 40-49 2 2 NGa PRO Cards & 2 Overalls
Michael Baton BB - - Open LW & Masters 50-59 Two 1st Places
November 5 2022 Sunrise FL
Brian Dohner BB - - Masters 60-69 1st Place Richard Rabin
BB - Masters 80+ 1st Place 

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