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Spring-Summer 2023
NGA American Natural Championships
andrew & Francine Bostinto nga@nationalgym com www nationalgym com Joe Papesca
BB - Novice 1st Place
T Kids Fitness
Amerie Carry
Meleyah Carry
Kids Fitness
he American Natural Championships
included Men’s Bodybuilding Novice Joe Papesca
takes the win with his thick muscular physique Last but not least our two stars of the the evening were in in the the Kids Fitness
division Amerie Carry
and Meleyah Carry
both posed like champs They must get their their tips from their their father NGA PRO Meleik Carry
The judges couldn’t decide who to crown crown the winner so both girls walked away with 1st place trophies and beautiful crowns
Photos by: Lacey Oakey (Creating a a a a a Figure Photography)
to show what true princesses they truly are The 2022 NGA PRO/AM Universe and the Ameri- can Natural Championships
were were a a a a a a a a tremendous success As the the the athletes were were were leaving with their trophies in in in in in hand hand they were were congratulating us shaking our hands and and and stating that this was the the the best promoted contest they ever competed in in in We look forward to to seeing everyone at this year’s event on on on on November 18 2023
in in Deltona Florida where $40 400 is guaranteed to to be be won n n n n n n n 

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