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Fall 2016
State College PA – July 23 2016
Patrick Carr new NGA Pro with Earl Snyder
Classic Physique Division Left to right
Ray Ricke 5th Place
Jeff Scavo 3rd Place
Randy Landrum 4th Place
Patrick Carr 1st Place
new NGA Pro Dominque Pardovani 2nd Place
NGA COMMUNICATION ExECUTIvE TTERRI WHITSEL@GMAIL COM COM he 1st annual NGA North American Championships & Ed Cole PRO Clas- sic was the 1st show of its kind We
had competitors from from 11 different states and even one from from Guiana Held in in State State College PA Home of the the Nittany Lions – Penn State State AST was the the the main sponsor who flew in in one of their reps to consider athletes for sponsorship For a a a a a small show the competition was very tough There were many compelling athlete sto- ries which they elaborated to to to the the the audience in in fin the the the finals The crowd was loud and and very supportive to to to the the athletes and and loved hearing the the stories We
had a a a a a a a a lot of 1st time competitors that did very well and performed their best on on stage All of the the the PROs came in in with great condition- ing ing In the the Pro Men’s Master Bodybuilding you
had Kris Troup who always brings a a a a a a a a hard condi- tioning physique come up up short against Randy Randy Landrum who won a a a a a a a a a lot of Pro shows Randy Randy brought his massive physique to to the the stage and and and ended up up victorious In the the Pro Open you
had Randy Landrum come up up against North Caro- lina’s Jay Jay Johnson Jay Jay had his sights on on on the North American Championships by bringing his his top notch physique to to the the stage and ended up winning the the the Pro Pro Open Class In the the the Pro Pro Women’s Figure these ladies came prepared It was Lorraine Depass edging out Alicia Coleates for the the title After looking at at at the the the Novice class it it it was hard to to believe that these competitors had never won or or placed in a a a a a a show before In the the Grand Master’s class class you
had Floridian Al Vaughn conquer the the class class with his champion- ship physique He had an an outstanding routine which brought brought him the best poser Shannon Shannon Pugh brought brought her amazing physique to the the stage Shannon Shannon won the the transformation
NGA North American Championships 

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