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The Importance of Posing
id id you you you you you ever wonder why you you you you you didn’t win your class or place higher than you you you you you thought you you you you you would? Most of of the time time when when this has happened it was
because of of your posing There are many times when when registering the the athletes that that we see they have a a a a a a a a a a a great physique We think that that person looks really good good and has a a a a a a a a good good chance of winning However when they they get up up on on stage they they don’t know how to to pose correctly and therefore get lost in in the the the lineup I have seen competitors that look good and know how to to pose correctly They are the the ones who place or or win their class It is confusing to to me me me You put so much time energy and and effort into into lifting weights doing cardio and and meal planning but you don’t put the the time into into practicing posing Posing
is one of the the key ingredients to to being suc- cessful on on stage I I always said “It’s not what you you have it’s how you display it for the judges” Practicing your your posing does several things for the outcome of your your contest First it makes you you you you you more fluid and gives you you you you you confidence Secondly how how you you you you you practice
is how how how you you you are going to perform on on on stage I I judged
21 shows last year and and I I can tell which which athletes have have practiced and and which which ones that have have not put forth much effort This shows in in their stage presence as well When I see a a a a a a a a a a bodybuilder or or or or physique competitor that that is is is hitting a a a a a a a a a a a a pose and shaking more than likely it it it is is a a a a a a a a a a a a sign that that they they have have not practiced much The longer they they they are on on stage the the the the more uncomfortable they they may feel I have have seen ath- lete’s legs start shaking after transitioning on on their turns In the the the judge’s eyes we see this as being uncomfortable without confidence and therefore can can lose points This is is is a a a a a a a a a a a sign of of the the the lack of of practicing We the the the judges can can pick up on this easily Alternatively if an an athlete has been
practicing their transitions/hitting the the the the poses they exude confidence and fluidity Again the the the the judges pick up on on on this Also when practicing posing you you you should adjust your poses or transitions to where it it makes you you you you look better This can even change change when your body body changes (drop- ping the the the body body body fat) The more you you you practice
the the the harder the the the body body becomes Every pose provides a a a a a way for you you to look better When I I I started competing internationally I I I thought the the the winner was
always whoever had the the the best best body body I I I realized that that it it wasn’t just about having the the the the best best body body but that that that the the the posing aspect of it it it it was
equally as as as as impor- tant I’ve witnessed other international competitors that that didn’t look as good but placed higher in in in the the Universe After evaluating what I I could have changed I I came to the the the the conclusion that it was
the the the the posing They posed a a a a a a a a a a a a a lot more aggressively and and demanded the the the the attention of the the the the judges That’s when I I broke down posing as a a a a a a a a a a a a whole
for each mandatory pose Posing
is an an art It doesn’t matter if you you are a a a a a a a a a a a bodybuilder physique figure or or or or bikini competitor your your transitions and posing has everything to to do with your your your your placing on on stage It is all about making yourself look bigger tighter and better than your your your com- petitors presenting the entire package!
This is is what gave me the the idea to to create my posing DVD “Posing Like A Champion” In the the video I I go into detail on on how to to to make yourself look bigger tighter & all around better when posing posing If you you you you put more time into your your posing posing you you you you will will be be be “Posing Like a a a a a a Champion” and will will be be placing higher at your your shows! n n n n Earl “The Pearl” Snyder
NGA Promoter Promoter Relations / Promoter Promoter PA 2x Mr Universe - Spain & France
2x Pro World
2x Pro Master World
NPC National Champ – 1st
3x Team Universe Winner
NPC USA Champ – 1st
Competed all over the World
– over 15 different countries
Fall 2016

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