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Fall 2016
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class class last year She stayed on target to win the the Women’s Women’s Physique open class class class as as as as as as well as as as as as as the the Open Women’s Women’s Bodybuilding class class If you
think you
have excuses to to not compete you
should talk to to to to Shannon She overcame a a a a a a a lot of obstacles to to to get to to to the stage Patrick Carr came in in tight and conditioned to to win not only the the middleweight Physique but won the the the overall to to turn Pro In the the the the heavyweight division there was a a a a a battle for the the the top 3 3 Fernando Titus ended up 3rd in in in this class while George Grime and and Dominique Partovani were battling to to to take home the the Gold Dominique edged out George for the the victor This was a a a battle to be seen In the the Open Figure Figure Emily Brown who won the the Figure Figure Short class class went up against tall class class winner Ebony Ebony Fenstermaker Ebony Ebony brought her great physique to to to the the the stage to to to prevail as the the the vic- tor for the overall The The Classic Physique division was the the tough- est These athletes were very close You had many tough physiques in this class Ray Ricke cracked the top 5 followed by Randy Landrum in 4th Jeff Scavo who did his homework and and and looked good came from California to place 3rd Dominique Pardovani and Patrick Carr battled it out to see who would win the the Classic Physique title title When all said and and done and and the the the smoke cleared it it it was Patrick Carr that took the the the title title “NGA North American Champion ” Both of these competitors will do great in in the the the Pro shows In the the the the Bodybuilding Open class it it was was Big John Chelednik who was was the the the the victor in in the the the the heavy- weight class as as as as well as as as as the the the the overall I am sure that we we we will see John on the the the the Pro stage this year I want to thank the the the the the NGA NGA the the the the the athletes and the the the the the vendors for supporting the the the the NGA NGA North American Championships The Ed Cole Achievement Award was earned
by Alvis Vaughn for his perseverance in in overcom- ing a a a a a a a a a a a major health obstacle Ed Cole was a a a a a a a a a a a long time competitor who fought and and overcame can- cer and and even competed in the midst of his his set- backs The show was dedicated to his his his memory and sponsored in part by his his wife Marie Cole n n n n Right:
Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Left to right
Randy Landrum 2nd place Joe Ortiz of AST Sports Science (sponsor)
Jay Johnson 1st place NGA NATURAL mag
NGA & Ed Cole PRO Classic 

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