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Winter 2017 Winter 2017 Motivation for the So Andy gives me me me me me a a a a a a a a a a a a a a call and and and reminds me me me me me to to write write an an article He asked me to try and write write something that will really get the reader
interested motivated and something that was interesting I I gave my my response I I would do my my best So here I am with a a a a a a a blank canvas like a a a a a a a painter try- ing ing to to to think of what the hell I am going to to to write to to to really get you to to well to to read this article I was sitting at the gym today just browsing through Facebook like I I usually do when I I saw a a a a picture of a kid who used to to go to to my gym One
of his friends just became a a a new member He was making excuses of why he has not been training Saying that he he he has been busy at at work and then he he he is tired after work and he he just has no time The gym is too expensive just a a bunch of excuses That’s when I I thought to to myself: you know what I I need to to tell him something Every day people look for excuses for not going to the gym How about we make excuses for why we should go to the gym How about we look at at those who are less fortunate and who are killing it every day If you go on Instagram or if you google athlete with no legs doing pull ups you’re going to see some amazing people doing amazing things Then I I started to think that I I have been been slacking my body has been been aching and I have been taking it easy on my workouts Why the hell am I I letting this negativity get to to me? I I need to to rise- up and and be a a a a a a man and and really go at it BY PAUL DESIMONE

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