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Winter 2017
Natural Bodybuilder
Because let’s face it guys, if you’re a natural bodybuilder, you have one disad- vantage to people are using drugs. So why not train smarter, heavier, and harder than them. That’s how I always looked at it. I didn’t look for an excuse like: “I am not taking steroids so I can’t get that big.” No, instead I said I am not going to kill myself with drugs to look like that. I need to ind a way to work out, diet, and supplement so that I can look like them, while being healthy and happy. using drugs is what drug addicts do. I never wanted to let anything control my life. That’s what is so great about working out. It’s your work out, you control it. Along with your destiny, take control and challenge yourself right now. Instead of demotivating and being negative pick yourself up. you will get further and you will achieve great things. No one ever accomplishes anything by sitting on the couch or not entering a contest. It’s time to become what you always wanted to be. No matter what, it’s time to
give it 100%. That extra 10% they talk about will come but irst let’s start with today. Because tomorrow is your future, and tomorrow, today will be your past. One step
in the right direction. This is what we should be preaching. Not: “well this guy takes this or this guy said that. No!” It is time to go to work. This article is for you, the one reading this! yes, I am talking to you and I am challenging you! Get up, get to the gym, start working out, get back on that diet. I know it’s hard, but guess what? you did it before and you can do it again. Don’t let the negative things that happen to you hurt you. Change those and go back after your goals. This is it. you’re not getting younger! So, do it. In 2006 I competed in the unnatural nationals and I was the only drug free athlete. On top of that I was in the 220-heavyweight class. I got 1st call out. People said no one could compete without drugs and that I would need to take them to compete. Guess what, I didn’t, and now we have a place where it is an equal playing ield the NGA. That doesn’t mean you should think that because you’re natu- ral, there are limits. There is no such thing as limits. A limit is a negative word that people have told you because they have no faith! So, join me in getting in shape! Let’s make this year a special one!
Look for my show coming in May this year in Boston, MA. n

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