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Winter 2017
KutUp Fitwear
every single move I made. When
I wasn’t at meetings, I was at the gym or attending outpatient rehab. During the last meeting with my outpatient counselor, she asked me,
“What do you want to do with your life, Travis?” I distinctly remember saying, “I want to make cool stuf for people, I want to give it a cool logo, then I want to create the website to sell the stuf, and I want to do it all so I can help others.”
Kut-up Fitwear is expanding into the universe. It has become way more than lifestyle apparel, and more than a lifestyle apparel brand... it has become a way of life.
It has become a brand that represents pos- itive actions and the will to make positive changes, while helping others do the same.
It represents searching inside ourselves to become the best people we can possibly be, and doing this every single day! It represents being grateful, thankful, caring, and loving beings, illed with good intentions. It repre- sents hard work, passion, and intensity during the pursuit and fulillment of a purposeful life. It represents family and the unbreakable bond formed when people come together to show love and support for each other.
“To be Kut-Up, is to maintain a positive men- tality that goes beyond living a healthy and it lifestyle.”
Join the movement, support the cause and get some awesome athletic wear at:
Look for Travis and Kutup at Earl & Terri’s show on April 29, 2017; the NGA North American Champion- ships & Ed Cole Pro Classic at The Woodlands Resort in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Get more details at: n

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