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Winter 2017
State College PA – September 24 2016
Joe Ortiz Julie Petula
Curtis Green Earl Snyder Jennifer Dorundo
Kyle Franz Scott Nishida Clint Brackbill Jake Ginther David Sheldon
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One of the the the most notable divisions that we have been proud to pioneer in in the the the the NGA is is is the the the the Transfor- mation division After seeing the the the the the affect it has had on
the the the the athletes as as as well as as as the the the the family and friends in in attendance we we we are excited to see many other other NGA shows as as well as as other other natural organizations that also implement what we we have started Our concept of of The Transformation Division is is “We delight in the the the beauty beauty of of the the the butterfly but but rarely admit the the the changes it it it it has gone through to to to achieve that that beauty beauty ” ” Each competitor submits their their “before” photo that that is put up on
the the the the big screen on
stage while their their transfor- mation story is read The competitor then comes to to to the the the the stage and presents their their transformed physique physique in in front of their their their “before” physique physique What an an an inspira- tion to hear how these butterflies achieved their their beauty They were then judged live and based solely on
the the the significance of their transformation from before to after This year’s contenders went through cancer life threatening disorders and fam- ily tragedies We are proud to to announce that 2nd place place went to to to to Jennifer Dorundo
and Curtis Green took 1st place place Congratulations to to to to the both of you you you and thank you you you for for for sharing your amazing stories for for for everyone Keep reaching for for the stars!
successful show period! The NGA Pro/Am
East Coast Natural continued its reputa- tion as as as a a a a a a a a a a a a well-run exciting organized and competi- tive show show in in central Pennsylvania the the hometown of the the the Penn Penn State State Nittany Lions Our show show attracted many athletes from across the the united States as as well as Guyana & Dubai The show began bright and early We were were grateful to to to each of the the the vendors who were were given the the the the the chance to to to to speak at at the the the the the Competitors meeting before before we we began as as well as as before before the the the the finals to to to the the the the audience Our amazing vendors included Scott Johnson with with Blaze Bronzing (blazebronzing@gmail com) com) Stephanie & Derek Stoecklein with with with AdvoCare (championlifesolutions com) com) Travis Snyder with with www KutupFitwear com com State College GNC Karissa Worobey Photographer (karissaworobeyphotogra- phy@gmail com) and Mary Ellen Glass with Trans- formation to to a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Flawless Me Me Medical Spa LLC (www flawlessmemedicalspapa com) Other vendors to to thank include Sir Charles venturella for trophies & medals Egg Whites International Moshanan valley yMCA and the Super 8 Hotel As always we must thank our main sponsor AST AST Sports Science AST’s unwavering goal is to bring you the the most effective sports supplementation in in in the the world No colorful colorful products with colorful colorful claims and no effects just
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